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Biz Tips

5 Things Successful People Do to Start Their Day
By Patti Komara
  1. Water. When you wake up in the morning and finish brushing your teeth, drink 12-16 ounces of water. That will get you on your way to those eight glasses of water we all try to achieve. I know there is controversy with drinking the exact 64 ounces, but we all know hydration is important.
  2. Movement. Right after you finish that water, get moving. Stretch overhead, your chest, do some squats while you brush your teeth, do some push-ups, yoga stretches, etc. Just move. The body will wake up and thank you for it.
  3. Protein. Be sure and get some protein in your first meal. It helps with repair, strength, and focus for the day. By starting like this you activate your body’s autoresponders and get you off to a healthy, fit start.
  4. Gratitude. The next thing is to reflect on gratitude. Keep a journal and daily write down one thing you truly have to be thankful for. By starting your day feeling humbled and grateful, it puts you in a state of calm and peace. Any mind, body, spirit routine is perfect to start your day.
  5. Write down one goal for the day. You should do what so many CEOs and highly successful people do…write down just one thing that you will accomplish that day. You WILL NOT let the sun set until you have laser focused on this one item to do no matter what. So many of us get in the gym and we are pulled in so many directions. Don’t start on anything else until you do the one most important thing to do. Pick the one thing that will propel your business forward the most. What is the one thing no one else in your organization can do that will make you more successful that day? If you want every manager and employee to have laser focus on what will benefit them the most, be sure you have exact job lists for this and how to do each job. Make sure they are detailed, clear, and updated regularly.