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Member Club Registration Requirements
The owner or managing director of the applicant club must obtain an Organization Owner/Managing Director membership and complete all membership requirements before applying for, or renewing, the club's membership. The owner or managing director of the club shall be the individual responsible and accountable for the business or organization and shall enforce all USA Gymnastics policies, including the Safe Sport Policy. USA Gymnastics must be promptly notified of any changes in the ownership or management of a member club during the membership term and reserves the right to review the club’s membership eligibility based on such changes.

Organizations must maintain comprehensive general liability insurance with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate for as long as you are a member club with USA Gymnastics. You agree to name USA Gymnastics as an additional insured on this policy. Upon request of USA Gymnastics, you must provide the insurance policy certificate demonstrating that you have the insurance required by this Agreement. You must notify USA Gymnastics at least 30 days before any cancellation of, or material change to, the required insurance. Failure to maintain the required insurance is grounds to terminate your membership with USA Gymnastics.

All employees, independent contractors, direct and indirect individual owners, and volunteers over the age of 18 with regular access to and/or authority over minors must pass a background check and take the required Safe Sport training. You will not hire, be associated in any way with, allow in your club, or permit access to any athletes in your club by persons who are permanently ineligible for membership in USA Gymnastics (list is available at; any persons whose membership in USA Gymnastics is suspended (list available at; or any person who is listed on a federal or state sex offender registry (a search for which may be conducted at

Organizations must have a Safe Sport policy for your club that is consistent and fully compliant with the USA Gymnastics’ Safe Sport Policy. Your Safe Sport policy must affirm your commitment to the welfare of gymnastics participants and must include, at minimum: a description of conduct that will not be tolerated; standards of behavior for staff/volunteers that promote athlete safety, including elimination of privacy, boundaries, if physical contact is a necessary part of the activity and encouraging parental monitoring; proactive polices to eliminate the opportunity for Page 4 of 5 Revised May 2020 grooming behaviors; and a process for receiving and handling complaints regarding conduct that violates club’s policy. Any adults who have routine access to and/or authority over minors in your club must comply with and complete all Safe Sport requirements, including education and training requirements. You must at all times, maintain a Safe Sport liaison, who is the primary contact for any matters involving establishment, implementation, audit and enforcement of Safe Sport policies. The Safe Sport liaison shall be the individual designated on the application for membership. USA Gymnastics must be notified in writing immediately of any changes in such designation.

At the time of application and at all times during the term of your membership, you will comply with all applicable statutes, rules, regulations, orders and restrictions of any governmental authority or any instrumentality or agency thereof having jurisdiction over the conduct of your businesses or the ownership of your property, and shall maintain any required permits or licenses as may be required in connection therewith.

If requirements are not met, member club will not be granted membership in USA Gymnastics. Without an active membership, clubs may not to participate in any USA Gymnastics sponsored, sanctioned or other activity. USA Gymnastics has the right to audit a member club to determine whether the club is in compliance with this member club membership Agreement or any governing policy. Clubs will be required to promptly provide all necessary information and access to property or personnel requested by USA Gymnastics as part of any such audit. If you do not adhere to the member club Agreement and all governing policies, you will lose membership.