Meet Director Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become a meet director?
A: A meet director must be a Professional member with the appropriate discipline level for the sanctioned event that they wish to hold. Example: If you are meet director for a Men’s sanctioned event, the meet director must have a Professional membership with the Men’s discipline. For those wishing to be a meet director for a Women's, Acrobatic event, they must also complete the meet director exam for those disciplines.

Q: Where do I obtain the Women’s discipline meet director exam?
A: The Women’s meet director test and answer sheet is available online in the USA Gymnastics University.

Q: When will I receive the results from the W202 meet director exam?
A: You will see your results at the end of the exam. Your results will be uploaded in your My Membership page, under courses within seven business days.

Q: When does my meet director certification expire?
A: Never. The certification does not have an expiration date.

Q: Where do obtain the Acrobatic discipline meet director exam?
A: The Acrobatic meet director test and answer sheet is available online in the Acrobatic program's Rules & Policies.

Q: Where do I send my Acrobatic meet director exam to be graded?
A: Send the completed test answer sheet along with the $15 fee to Elizabeth Millard, Acrobatic Program Assistant. Once the exam has been graded you will be sent a meet director certificate. Please allow 3 -4 week processing time.

Q: What are my responsibilities as a meet director?
A: The meet director of a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event is required to do the following:

  1. Must verify that all participants are current USA Gymnastics members with the appropriate member type for the event that is being held. Please note: anyone that is not a current USA Gymnastics member with the appropriate member type is not allowed on event floor.
  2. Must follow the appropriate reporting procedures
  3. Must follow all of the rules and polices that have been outline for the disciplined meet that is being held. Example: if the meet is a women’s sanctioned event all of the rules and policy outlined in the Women’s Rules and Policies must be followed.

Q: How do I confirm membership numbers?
A: Click here for step by step instructions how to verify membership. It is the sole responsibility of the Meet Director to ensure that everyone that participates in a sanctioned event has a current membership with the appropriate member type for the event. Therefore, it is vitally important that all memberships are verified prior to the meet. Please Note: USA Gymnastics encourages all members to provide proof of membership at a sanctioned event however, it is NOT a requirement. Membership numbers can be verified online. A participant may also provide written permission from the USA Gymnastics National Office.

Please note, all participants of sanctioned events must be reserved via the new USA Gymnastics Meet Reservation System. Click here for step by step instructions. If you need assistance, please contact Member Services at 800.345.4719 or via email at