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Insurance Update
USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event Insurance Coverage Updates for Registered Athletes and Professional Members

USA Gymnastics has several insurance programs that are directly tied to its membership programs. Listed below are the various types of insurance coverage, and with which types of membership they are associated.

Please note that the descriptions below are general descriptions of the coverage included.
Participant Accident
This coverage provides secondary medical coverage during USA Gymnastics sanctioned events, subject to deductible.

  • Covered Individuals: Current USA Gymnastics Athlete and Professional Members (Competitive Coaches, Judges and Meet Directors)
  • Covered Events: USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Events
    Important Note: This coverage applies to ‘accidents’ where a time and place of the injury can be specified at a sanctioned event. It does not apply to overuse or ‘wear and tear’ injuries.
  • Accident Medical Expense Benefit: Maximum Benefit of $50,000 with a $500 deductible. First expense must be incurred within 26 weeks of injury, and include expenses up to 2 years after the accident.
  • Excess Coverage Provision: The amount otherwise payable by the insurance coverages will be reduced by the total amount of medical care benefits provided by any other Plan, which will be determined without reference to any coordination of benefit provisions, non duplication of benefit provisions, or any other similar provisions. All benefits will include the reasonable value of any medical expense services.
Catastrophic Insurance
The purpose of this policy is to provide insurance coverage and protection from severe injuries that could possibly result from participation by a covered person in a sanctioned event.

  • Covered Individuals: Current USA Gymnastics Athlete and Professional Members (Competitive Coaches, Judges and Meet Directors)
  • Covered Events: USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Events
    • Aggregate Limit of Liability: $5,000,000
    • Covered Accident Deductible $ 50,000 (covered by above Participant Accident coverage)
    • Maximum Benefit Period Lifetime
General Liability
  • Named Insured: United States Gymnastics Federation, dba as USA Gymnastics. Their divisions, affiliates, divisional supporting foundations, teams, tournaments, employees, directors, organizers, officers and volunteers
  • Covered Additional Insured: Owners and/or Lessors of Premises, Sponsors, or Co-Promoters. Also, Others by request and endorsement, subject to underwriting approval.
  • Covered Activities: All events sanctioned by and all activities conducted by United States Gymnastics Federation (dba as USA Gymnastics)
  • Definition of Participant: The term participant shall included players, coaches, managers, staff members, team workers, referees, officials, scorekeepers and all other personnel including but not limited to, media personnel permitted to enter any restricted areas which are defined as those areas restricting access to general public spectators.
  • Notable Exclusions: Nuclear energy, asbestos, pollution, bodily injury to employees, player vs player claims, employment related practices, fireworks, medical payments to participant, infectious diseases or illness including but not limited to Covid-19. This is a partial list an may not include all exclusions.
  • Policy Form: Occurrence Form with Broadened Coverage Endorsement
  • Term: 8/1/2021-7/31/2022
  • Limits of Liability:
    • General Aggregate Limit: None
    • Products Complete Operations Aggregate Limit: $1,000,000
    • Personal and Advertising Injury Limit: $1,000,000
    • Each Occurrence Limit: $1,000,000
    • Participant Legal Liability: $1,000,000
    • Fire Legal Liability: $300,000
    • Medical Exp Limit-Other than Participants: $5,000
    • Employee Benefits Liability: $1,000,000
In addition to the above, USA Gymnastics has secured Excess Liability coverage in the amount of $15,000,000 for coverage in excess of the Underlying Limits of Insurance as detailed above. This is only a very general reference to what coverage(s) the insurance policy provides and is not intended to attempt to describe all of the various details pertaining to the insurance. Actual coverage(s) are detailed in the policy or insurance and are always subject to terms, provisions, conditions, and exclusions as contained herein.