Confirm Athlete Membership

Meet Directors and Clubs can use this search to obtain listings of current athlete members by club then by level for events they are conducting. The search allows you to enter up to 15 club numbers at one time, with as many levels and disciplines as you would like. The search results include (sorted by club) the athletes by level listing their name, member number and birth date.

This list can be used as confirmation of an athlete’s USA Gymnastics membership for participation in a sanctioned event. Only current athlete members are displayed through this search.

You will need:
  • 6-digit Club Number and Club Password
  • Professional Member Number and Password (this is the member ID and password of the Meet Director)
  1. Meet Directors can log in using their Professional Member number and password or Clubs can log in using their Club number and password
  2. Enter up to 15 club numbers to search for athletes affiliated with those clubs
  3. Print the list for reference at the sanctioned event