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Safety/Risk Management Certification

**The 2009 edition of the live and online courses are now available. Current registrations will automatically be processed for the 2009 version of the course. The new version of the course is based on the 2009 edition of the Gymnastics Risk Management handbook which is currently available from our online store.**

Course Description:
The primary goal of this course is to increase safety and risk management awareness. The course has been designed for a variety of audiences - gymnastics coaches, teachers, instructors, club owners, meet directors, judges, athletes and others. The course addresses the two basic areas of risk in gymnastics - risk of injury, which is the primary risk, and risk of a lawsuit. Education, preparation, and vigilance are the primary tools gymnastics professionals need to deal with risk and uncertainty in the sport of gymnastics.

Additional Course Information:

  • The Safety/Risk Management Certification course is offered as an online course and as a live course. Individuals can choose which course they prefer to take.
  • Safety/Risk Management Certification is required for all Professional Members, Junior Professional Members, Introductory Coach Members, and Junior Introductory Coach Members of USA Gymnastics.
  • Certification is valid for 4 years. Safety expiration dates are four years from the month the course is taken. For those re-certifying prior to their expiration date, four years will be added on to their current expiration date. Safety expiration dates are always the last day of the month.
  • Minimum age for Safety/Risk Management Certification is 15 years old at the time of the course.
Online Course

**New for the 2009 version of the online course: Users must complete all chapters in the course before accessing the test. Also, with each chapter, each page must be accessed in sequential order. Please allow enough time to complete the course. Users will receive a hardcopy of the accompanying handbook (Gymnastics Risk Management) in the mail following successful course completion.**

  • Cost for the Online Course is $65 for all members - this cost is for first time certification or re-certification. The cost for non-members is $115.
  • To take the online course, you must be a current Instructor, Professional, Pending Professional, Junior Professional, Pending Junior Professional, Athlete, Introductory Coach, Pending Intro Coach, Junior Introductory Coach, Pending Junior Intro Coach, or Foreign Instructor member or have an assigned username and password from USA Gymnastics. Become a member and received educational discounts and other benefits!
  • Individuals will have access to the online course for 30 days. The course must be completed during that time otherwise you will have to re-register and pay for the course again.
  • The online course takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete. Users must progress through each page and chapter of the course before accessing the final test. There is a 25-question final exam which must be passed with 75% or better score.
  • Participants will receive an online certificate at the end of the course. Within 4 weeks following course completion, a certification card and certificate and hard copy of the Gymnastics Risk Management handbook will also be mailed to the participant.
  • Online course fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual.

Desired Action
Register for the Online Safety Course
You must click the E-Learning button after entering payment information. You, or the person you are registering, will not be able to log in or take this course unless the button is clicked.
Permits you to register for and begin taking the online Safety Course. You will be asked to log in with your Professional, Instructor, or Athlete Member number and a personal password. Remember, you must have a current membership to register for a safety course online. *ONLY USE THIS LINK IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY PAID FOR THE ONLINE COURSE*
Begin / Continue Taking the Online Safety Course Permits you to begin or continue taking the Online Safety Course after payment has been submitted. You will be asked to log in with your username and password.

Face-to-Face Course

Face-to-face courses are conducted annually at USA Gymnastics National Congress and Regional Congresses as well as various locations around the country by a National Safety Instructor. Be sure to pre-register for live courses to secure a spot in the course.

  • Dates and events subject to change or cancellation.
  • The live course is 5 hours long and includes an open book exam. Exams must be passed with 75% or better score.
  • Course participants will receive a copy of Gymnastics Risk Management handbook at the course.
  • Pre-registered course participants will receive the certification card and certificate at the course.
  • Late and onsite registrants will receive a Safety Certification Course Attendance Verification form which verifies certification. These are valid for 60 days. Please keep your verification form with you to present at USA Gymnastics' sanctioned events. Official certification cards and certificates will be mailed within 4-6 weeks of course.
    Registration Fees for Face-to-face Courses
    • Pro-member with current Safety Certification wishing to re-certify at a face-to-face course... $5
    • Pro-member or Junior Pro-member with expired or new Safety Certification... $70
    • Instructor, Athlete, Introductory Coach, or Junior Introductory Coach member... $70
    • Non-member or any other USA Gymnastics memberships... $120
    • Late or onsite registration fee... $25 (in addition to registration fee above)
    ** Register using the online registration system an receive a $5 discount **

    How to Register for Face-to-face Courses

    • The registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course for mailed and faxed registrations and one week prior for online registrations.
    • Register online a receive a $5 discount off the registration fees.
    • Registrations received after the deadline and onsite registrations will be charged an additional $25 and will not be processed prior to the course.
    • Late registrations are not guaranteed a book or a spot on the list.
    • Safety/Risk Management Certification Course Registration Form (Use this form for mail and fax registrations)
    • Course Policies:
      • Pre-registration is IMPORTANT. Courses are subject to cancellation by USA Gymnastics if minimum preregistration requirements are not met. Registrants will be notified the week of the course if a cancellation occurs and course fees can be transferred to a future course or refunded.
      • Registered individuals may cancel their registration and request a refund within 30 days following a course. A 25% processing fee will apply. Course Cancellation and Refund Form
      • Individuals registered for a live Safety/Risk Management Certification course may transfer their registration to another live Safety/Risk Management Certification course at a different date/location (using the Course Transfer Form) or to the online course ($5 processing fee applies - using the Course Cancellation and Refund Form). Transfers to another live course must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the new course or late fees will apply. Individuals MAY NOT transfer registration to another type of course or to another individual.
      • Registration is the property of the registrant and cannot be transferred to another individual.

Desired Action
Register for a Face-to-face Safety Course Permits you to register for a face-to-face safety course via the Internet. You will be asked to log in with your Professional, Instructor or Athlete Member number and a personal password. Remember, you must have a current membership to register for a safety course online.
**Receive a $5 discount by registering online**

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