2017 USA Gymnastics for All National Championships & GymFest
June 28-July 1, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

Registration Information
    We are happy to announce that registration for the 2017 GFA Nationals & GymFest is now open!

    To register, please follow these two steps:
    1. Download the Registration Form (Excel document). Assemble all required information, complete all four (!) tabs of the form, and save the file on your computer.
    2. When your form is complete and you are ready to pay, fill out the online Submission form. You will be asked to attach your Registration Form. Payment will be processed online by credit or visa debit or via mailed check.
Workshop Series
    During this year’s Nationals, we have a special treat for all those travelling with GFA athletes:
    During the three days of competition, a workshop series will be offered in which people of all fitness and skill levels can try out and learn about General Fitness, Aerial Arts (trapeze and silks), Wheel Gymnastics and Cyr Wheel, Perfect 10 Posture and Power Team Gym.

    The workshops take place at different times every day to allow for everybody’s competition schedule. To join in the fun, please register online and submit the USA Wheel Gymnastics waiver.

    Participation in the workshop series costs $55 which gives you access to as many workshops as you wish. There will also be a drop-in option for $35 per workshop, payable in cash at the door only.

    Please contact Julia Pohling at juliausawheel@gmail.com for more information.