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USA Gymnastics Member Club Invitationals

In order to help coaches more efficiently schedule their teams competitions, USA Gymnastics now regularly lists Member Club SANCTIONED INVITATIONALS in Technique magazine and on USA Gymnastics Online. NOTE: The following "Type of Events" are NOT included in this listing:

  1. Local
  2. State
  3. Regional
  4. National
  5. Exhibition, Workshop, Clinic, or Testing
First, you must be a USA Gymnastics Member Club. Then, once your sanction form has been processed in the USA Gymnastics Member Services department, your invitations will automatically be added to the online list.

PLEASE NOTE: The information listed below is generated from a query of the USA Gymnastics membership database. This query is generally run twice per month.
  • If your Invitational is not yet posted, it may be the case that your sanction information was not yet entered into the database or your payment had not been received at the time of the query for this listing. Please call Member Services at 1-800-345-4719 to confirm that your information has been received and entered.
  • If your listed Invitational information is incorrect, you must contact USA Gymnastics Member Services at 1-800-345-4719 and make sure that the information that you provided in your sanction request is correct.
Should you like to provide even more information online about your Invitational, we suggest that you consider purchasing a USA Gymnastics Classified Ad in the "Additional Categories / Meets" area. Here you can provide other information as well as email and club website links to promote your Invitational.

Member Clubs may also purchase a list of nearly 4,000 gymnastic clubs that includes the mailing address and email address. Call Teri Lummis 317-829-5620 to place your order today.