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Steven Gluckstein is Golden at World Cup

By Luan Peszek
Photo by Volker Minkus

At the 2009 Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup in Belgium, Steven Gluckstein and his partner, Logan Dooley, earned the first U.S. gold medal at a World Cup event in trampoline by winning the synchro title. We caught up with Gluckstein when he returned home from the competition and this is what he had to say.

USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to win the first gold medal for the USA in synchro at the World Cup in Belgium?

Steven: When Logan and I realized we won the World Cup we were ecstatic, we were on a high, unaware of what was going on. Once Ann (Sims) told us it was the first gold medal for the USA, we were no longer happy for ourselves, but proud of how far we've brought the sport for our country. But we both knew that this was only the first of many golds to come.

USA Gymnastics: Tell us about your routine.

Steven: Logan and I scored our highest score yet. We stayed almost perfectly in sync.

USA Gymnastics: Did you and Logan talk about winning before your routine?

Steven: No way! We went into this competition hoping for a medal, we didn't care what color it was. We knew we are capable, but never really spoke about it. Now this is all we can talk about!

Watch Steven Gluckstein and Logan Dooley in the
finals of the 2009 Visa Championships

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from the 2009 Visa Championships
USA Gymnastics: Do you and Logan have a ritual you do before competition?

Steven: When on-deck, Logan and I usually say our routine out loud together and visualize it. Once we're up we give each other a quick motivational phrase and shake one last time before another awesome routine.

USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to finish fifth in men's individual trampoline?

Steven: Great! Having never made finals at a World Cup before my goal was to make finals. It was very satisfying doing exactly that. Although there is always room to improve, overall I was happy with my routines and plan to train harder in the gym, to get ready for next time!

USA Gymnastics: Which event do you like the best - synchro or individual - and why?

Steven: I can't say which one I like better, they are both important and fun. Synchro is a little less stressful because the mistakes that are critical in individual aren't so in synchro, plus synchronized scores are worth much more. We perform our regular routine we do everyday on auto-pilot and divert most of our focus to being synchronized. I like them both for different reasons, and I couldn't do one and not the other.

USA Gymnastics: What was the best part of the trip?

Steven: Hearing the National Anthem from the top of the podium! That made the trip and all my hard work worthwhile! It's been awhile since we've heard the Star Spangled Banner and I hope to hear it again!

USA Gymnastics: What is your next goal?

Steven: My next goal is set for World Championships. I hope to place in the top 15 for individual (scoring above 70) and medal for Synchro.

USA Gymnastics: What is the best part of doing trampoline?

Steven: The best part of trampoline is getting to travel the world to see new things and experience new cultures. Also meeting friends from across the globe and seeing old friends.

USA Gymnastics: What is the toughest skill you've ever learned?

Steven: I have worked Quad tuck into a pit, but the toughest skill I've learned thus far would be triffus rudi out pike (triple front pike with one and a half twists).

USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite skill to do on trampoline?

Steven: Half in Adolf out pike

USA Gymnastics: Walk me through a normal day for you.

Steven: I wake up at 7:00 a.m. to get ready for an 8:00 a.m. class. I leave class to go straight to the gym for training. After training I have a 30 minute break before I start work. I'll work for about three hours, sometimes more depending on the day. If a big competition is coming up, like world championships, I'll train again at night after work. I go home, study, sleep, and wake up and do the same thing again. On Sundays I usually sleep in and then go skydiving.

Steven Gluckstein's Stats

Age: 19
Club: Ultra Twisters
Coach: Tatiana Kovaleva (1996 Trampoline World Champion)
Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
School: Brookdale Community College
Job: Gymnastics Instructor
Hobbies: Skydiving