Quick Hits
Thurs., August 18 - Senior Women's Competition - Day 1

Quick hits may not be available for all competitors
Complete Visa Championships Results and Quick Hits


Rotation 4

VT - Rebecca Bross - Yurchenko double - small step
VT - Sophia Lee - Yurchenko full - small hop
VT - Chellsie Memmel - Yurchenko full - hop
VT - Grace McLaughlin - Yurchenko 3/2 - step forward
VT - Jessica Howe - Yurchenko full - stuck
UB - Amanda Jetter - Jaeger, stalder tkatchev, toe hand full pirouette, pak, stalder full shaposh, overshoot, toe shoot, blind, double front
UB - Hallie Mossett - Toe shoot, blind change jaeger, stalder, pak, 1/2 pirouette, stalder shoot, full pirouette, full in
UB - Brandie Jay - Toe hand, shaposh, overshoot, toe shoot, 3/2 pirouette to shushinova, full pirouette to shushinova, full out
UB - Jordyn Wieber - Weiler kip, weiler kip 1/2, shaposh, clear hip full, overshoot, toe shoot, toe full pirouette, tkatchev, giant giant, double double
BB - McKayla Maroney - Tuck through, front tuck back hand lay step - fall, front tuck straddle down, strug, side aerial, switch leap back tuck, side sumi, switch leap 1/2, wolf split, round off double tuck - step
BB - Alexandra Raisman - Leap on, front tuck, back hand lay, strug, split sissone, front pike - wobble, layout, switch split 1/2 back pike, side aerial, switch back tuck, full turn leg up, round off arabian double front
BB - Jessie DeZiel - Tuck through, front aerial, back hand lay step, full turn, switch leap straddle 1/2, side aerial, kick front, round off 5/2 - stuck
BB - Shawn Johnson - Side roll, bhbh lay - wobble, front tuck, back tuck back hand, switch side, full turn leg up, side aerial - wobble, switch leap lay lay split straddle, round off double pike - over time limit
BB - Gabrielle Douglas - Pike through, front aerial back hand lay step - fall, back full - fall, switch leap back pike, switch 1/2 back tuck, front pike, full turn, switch ring - fall, split, sissone, bhbh double pike
BB - Alicia Sacramone - Front pike mount, strug, front tuck, back hand lay, switch side - wobble, full turn, front pike standing lay step, switch leap sissone, bhbh double pike - stuck
FX - Mackenzie Caquatto - Triple full, 3/2 front full, front double full, double pike
FX - Casey Magee - Double pike, front double full, whip half front 3/2, 5/2
FX - Sabrina Vega - Pike full in - out of bounds, 3/2 double full, 5/2 layout, double pike - stuck
FX - Bridgette Caquatto - Front double full front 3/2, pike full in, 5/2 leap jump, double pike

Rotation 3

VT - Jordyn Wieber - Yurchenko 5/2 - small hop - huge vault
VT - Amanda Jetter - Did not compete this event
VT - Hallie Mossett - Yurchenko double - came up short and sat down
VT - Brandie Jay - 1st - Yurchenko double - step back. 2nd - 1/2 on front lay 1/2 off - landed ob but stuck
UB - Alicia Sacramone - Did not compete this event
UB - McKayla Maroney - Shaposh - extra swing, kip, weiler kip, pike jaeger, toe hand, pak, 1/2 pirouette, stalder shoot, giant full, full out
UB - Alexandra Raisman - Toe hand, shaposh, overshoot, blind change, jaeger, stalder, tkatchev, double front
UB - Jessie DeZiel - Did not compete this event
UB - Shawn Johnson - Clear hop, toe hand full, geinger, hop, jaeger, overshoot, toe shoot, double lay full out - stuck
UB - Gabrielle Douglas - inward stalder, inward stalder 1/2, tkatchev, pak, 1/2 piroette, stalder shoot, inward stalder higgins, 1/2 piroette, stalder full 1/2 pirouette, full in - steps forward
BB - Anna Li - Step on, switch ring, onodi, back hand full - wobble, full turn, front aerial back hand lay step, strug - wobble, switch leap sissone, straddle down, round off double
BB - Mackenzie Caquatto - Leap on, side sumi - wobble, front aerial back lay step - fall, full turn leg up - wobble, split sissone, switch 1/2 back tuck, straddle down roll, round off double pike
BB - Casey Magee - Round off lay step on, straddle down, side turn on back, double turn inward turn, side aerial, stag strug, side sumi - wobble, round off lay step - fall, triple turn - wobble, front hand, round off double - stuck
BB - Sabrina Vega - Tuck through, scale, straddle 1/2 back tuck, side aerial, front aerial back hand lay step, front tuck - wobble, switch leap back pike, full turn, split sissone, switch ring - wobble, bhbh double pike - step
BB - Bridgette Caquatto - Split on wolf split, front tuck 1/2 - wobble, straddle down, front tuck, back hand lay step - fall, switch leap 1/2, side aerial, full turn, switch leap back pike - wobble, switch side, round off double pike - small step
FX - Jessica Howe - Double pike - out of bounds, front lay 3/2, 3/2 front full - big step forward, 5/2
FX - Rebecca Bross - Front lay to double front leap jump, 3/2 double full, 5/2 front full
FX - Sophia Lee - Double lay, double tuck - big hop, 3/2 lay, double pike - small steps back
FX - Chellsie Memmel - Arabian pike - out of bounds with big steps, double lay, 5/2 lay, double pike
FX - Grace McLaughlin - layout punch double full, double pike, back 3/2 front 3/2, 5/2

Rotation 2

VT - Gabrielle Douglas - Yurchenko double - very tiny hop
VT - Alicia Sacramone - 1st - Handspring front 3/2 twist - small hop. 2nd - Yurchenko double - step back
VT - McKayla Maroney - 1st - Yurchenko 5/2 - small step back. 2nd - 1/2 on front layout 1/2
VT - Alexandra Raisman - Yurchenko double - tiny hop
VT - Jessie DeZiel - Yurchenko double - bailed out and did a tuck
VT - Shawn Johnson - Yurchenko double - landed to the side but only a small step back
UB - Bridgette Caquatto - Stalder full, toe shaposh 1/2, toe hand 1/2 pirouette, jaeger, stalder full - extra swing, stalder full tkatchev, toe hindorf piked, overshoot, toe shoot, double lay
UB - Anna Li - Jaeger, pak salto, toe hand, shaposh 1/2, giant hop full, giant, double lay
UB - Mackenzie Caquatto - Jaeger, toe piked hindorf, pak, shaposh, toe on full pirouette, tkatchev, tuck full out
UB - Casey Magee -
UB - Sabrina Vega - Kip, endo 1/2 pirouette, geinger, stalder - extra swing & kicked low bar - stalder full, piked tkatchev - fall, tkatchev, overshoot, stalder shoot to hb, full out - stuck
BB - Grace McLaughlin - Tuck through, arabian - wobble, front aerial, back hand lay step, switch leap split, onodi, side aerial, full turn, switch side, round off 5/2 - small hop
BB - Jessica Howe - Tuck roll, onodi - wobble, split wolf, front aerial back hand lay step - wobble, full turn, side aerial, switch leap back tuck - fall, sheep jump, round off 5/2 - step
BB - Rebecca Bross - Leap on, ground full turn, arabian, front aerial back hand lay step, split/wolf, switch leap back tuck - fall, sheep jump, switch ring - wobble, side sumi, front tuck, round off arabian - sat down
BB - Sophia Lee - Tuck through, switch leap back pike, sheep jump, switch ring - wobble, full turn, front aerial, back tuck, side aerial - wobble, side sumi - wobble, split sissone - wobble, round off 3/2 - step
BB - Chellsie Memmel - Press split straddle, front pike 1/2, back hand, front aerial popa, arabian, illusion, front tuck back hand lay step, switch 1/2 split, round off double pike - step - great routine
FX - Brandie Jay - Pike full in, front double full lay, 5/2 leap jump, double tuck
FX - Jordyn Wieber - Double double, 3/2 to triple, 5/2 layout, double pike
FX - Amanda Jetter - Did not compete this event
FX - Hallie Mossett - Arabian front, tuck full in, whip double tuck, double pike

Rotation 1

VT - Sabrina Vega - Yurchenko double - a couple steps right
VT - Bridgette Caquatto - Yurchenko double - step back
VT - Anna Li - Not competing this event
VT - Mackenzie Caquatto - Yurchenko double - back step
VT - Casey Magee - Yurchenko full - stuck
UB - Chellsie Memmel - Toe on shaposh, overshoot, full pirouette tkatchev, blind change, front giant, jam to invert, double front - tiny hop
UB - Grace McLaughlin - Toe hand full pirouette, toe shoot to hb, stalder full, stalder blind, jaeger, overshoot, blind, double front
UB - Jessica Howe - Stalder full, stalder shoot to hb, tkatchev, toe hand blind change, jaeger, pak 1/2 pirouette, toe shoot, tuck full out - stuck
UB - Rebecca Bross - Toe hand full, shaposh 1/2, inward stalder, tkatchev - fall, inward stalder 1/2 jaeger, stalder full pak, clear hip 1/2, toe shoot, tuck full out
UB - Sophia Lee - Jump to hb, piked tkatchev, toe full, toe 1/2 jaeger, tkatchev, overshoot, toe shoot, full out
BB - Hallie Mossett - Shoulder roll, switch side, front aerial back hand, kick over, tour jete, full turn, split/wolf, side aerial - fall, back pike, side sumi, round off double back
BB - Brandie Jay - Pike through, stag, double turn, side aerial, back - wobble, back pike, front aerial, back hand lay step, switch side - wobble, round off double - step forward
BB - Jordyn Wieber - Straddle split, front aerial, back hand, lay step - wobble, switch leap back pike - wobble, split strug, side sumi - wobble, full turn leg up, switch side 1/2 - wobble, side aerial, back tuck full - wobble, bhbh 5/2
BB - Amanda Jetter - Tuck through, back tuck, switch side, popa, arabian, full turn, side sumi, front tuck, back hand lay step out, switch leap, sissone, bhbh double tuck - hop
FX - Shawn Johnson - Not competing this event
FX - Gabrielle Douglas - 3/2 triple, arabian - overrotated and took several steps forward out of bounds, tuck full in, stepped out before her doulbe tuck leap jump
FX - Alicia Sacramone - Triple full, arabian front - big step out of bounds, 5/2 lay - fall, double pike
FX - McKayla Maroney - 7/2, 5/2 to front full, 3/2 double tuck - out of bounds, arabian front - hands down fall
FX - Alexandra Raisman - 3/2 arabian punch front, pike arabian front, triple, double pike - great routine
FX - Jessie DeZiel - Pike full in, 3/2 to 5/2, front 3/2, double pike