2010 Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup Qualifiers

Qualifiers to the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup will be selected from the invitationals listed below. Individual meets will each select a minimum of two athletes to compete in the Cup from their respective fields. Each invitational has determined their own criteria for the selection of athletes who will participate in the Nastia Liukin Supergirl Cup.

Nikole Addison
Coast Elite
Presidential Classic

Lauren Beers
Southern Tier
Buckeye Classic

Hallie Benjamin
Circle of Stars

Alexis Carroll
Hills Gymnastics
Parkettes Invitational

Marie Case
Lakettes Gymnastics
Cereal City Classic

Stephani Canizaro
Flip Fest Invitational

Alexa Davis
Central Penn. Academy
Rock-n-Roll Classic

Lia Del Priore
Excalibur Cup

Gabrielle Douglas
Excalibur Cup

Jazmyn Estrella
Parkettes Invitational

Shealyn Farley
Prestige Gymnastics
Chicago Style Meet

Kylie Fischer
Palmer's Gymnastics
Wisconsin Dells Classic

Summer Garcia
Ultimate Gymnastics
Chicago Style Meet

Ashleigh Gnat
Ace Gymnastics
Chicago Style Meet

Lloimincia Hall
Texas Dreams
WOGA Classic

Pauline Hanset
Premier Knox
Flip Fest Invitational

Mary Jane Horth
Gymnastics World
Rock-n-Roll Classic

Amelia Hundley
Cincinnati Gymnastics
CGA Coaches Spectacular

Kimberly Jacob
Superior Gymnastics
Circle of Stars

Maddie Krentz
Arizona Sunrays
Long Beach Open

Sarah Lokos
Hills Gymnastics
Parkettes Invitational

Kassandra Lopez
Gym World East
Fiesta Bowl Classic

Maggie Lundeen
Palmer's Gymnastics
Wisconsin Dells Classic

Megan Marenghi
Pikes Peak Cup

Maliah Mathis
Aerial Athletics
WOGA Classic

Jaclyn McCartin
Long Beach Open

Nina McGee
Chicago Style Meet

Diandra Milliner
Folgers Gymnastics
Cereal City Classic

Sammie Musto
Atlantic Coast
Parkettes Invitational

Shonacee Oliva
Brandy Johnson's
Presidential Classic

Lexie Priessman
Cincinnati Gymnastics
CGA Coaches Spectacular

Shelby Salmon
Circle of Stars

Hayley Sanders
WOGA Classic

Mykayla Skinner
Desert Lights
Fiesta Bowl Classic

Megan Walker
Southern Tier
Buckeye Classic

Kiersten Wang
Colorado Aerials
Pikes Peak Cup

  • CGA Parents Club Coaches Spectacular, Covington, Ky., Jan. 15-17
    • Amelia Hundley - Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy
    • Lexie Priessman - Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy
  • Flip Fest Invitational, Knoxville, Tenn., Jan. 15-18
    • Stephani Canizaro - Gymstars
    • Pauline Hanset - Premier Knox
  • Cereal City Classic, Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan. 22-24
    • Marie Case - Lakettes Gymnastics
    • Diandra Milliner - Folgers Gymnastics
  • Rock-n-Roll Classic, Broadview Heights, Ohio, Jan. 22-24
    • Alexa Davis - Central Penn. Academy
    • Mary Jane Horth - Gymnastics World
  • Parkettes Invitational, Allentown, Pa., Jan. 29-31
    • Alexis Carroll - Hills Gymnastics
    • Jazmyn Estrella - Parkettes
    • Sarah Lokos - Hills Gymnastics
    • Sammie Musto - Atlantic Coast
  • Wisconsin Dells Gymnastics Vacation Classic, Wisconsin Dells, Wis., Jan. 29-31
    • Kylie Fischer - Palmer's Gymnastics
    • Maggie Lundeen - Palmer's Gymnastics
  • The Fiesta Bowl Classic, Chandler, Ariz., Feb. 5-7
    • Kassandra Lopez - Gym World East
    • Mykayla Skinner - Desert Lights
  • IGI Chicago Style Meet, Chicago, Ill., Feb. 12-14
    • Shealyn Farley - Prestige Gymnastics
    • Summer Garcia - Ultimate Gymnastics
    • Ashleigh Gnat - Ace Gymnastics
    • Nina McGee - Gym-Nation
  • WOGA Classic, Frisco, Texas, Feb. 13-14
    • Lloimincia Hall - Texas Dreams
    • Maliah Mathis - Aerial Athletics
    • Hayley Sanders - WOGA
  • Buckeye Classic, Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 19-21
    • Lauren Beers - Southern Tier Gymnastics
    • Megan Walker - Southern Tier Gymnastics
  • Circle of Stars, Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 19-21
    • Hallie Benjamin - DeVeau's School of Gymnastics
    • Kimberly Jacob - Superior Gymnastics
    • Shelby Salmon - Sharp's Gymnastics Academy
  • Excalibur Cup, Virginia Beach, Va., Feb. 19-21
    • Lia Del Priore - Parkettes
    • Gabrielle Douglas - Excalibur Gymnastics
  • Pikes Peak Cup, Colorado Springs, Colo., Feb. 19-21
    • Megan Marenghi - WOGA
    • Kiersten Wang - Colorado Aerials
  • Presidential Classic, Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Feb 19-21
    • Nikole Addison - Coast Elite Gymnastics
    • Shonacee Oliva - Brandy Johnson's Gymnastics
  • The Long Beach Open, Long Beach, Calif., Feb. 26-28
    • Maddie Krentz - Arizona Sunrays
    • Jaclyn McCartin - Gliders

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