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University Mission
Provide a multi-level, standardized education and certificate that is available throughout the country with emphasis on the proper development of gymnastics participants in a positive and safe environment.

General University Information

USA Gymnastics University is a collection of resources for gymnastics education. The University provides greater educational opportunities for coaches, instructors, teachers, judges, and administrators at all levels and in all disciplines of gymnastics. Included as a part of the University are educational courses and programs, technical materials and publications, and a professional certificate.

There are four schools of study within the University

School of Competitive Gymnastics

School of Recreational Gymnastics

School of Business

School of Judging

  • Each school is divided into several different tiers to which one may complete the specified certificate program. They are progressive and completion of one tier is required prior to obtaining the next level. Coursework for the next certificate program can be pursued at any time.
  • The certificate program is comprised of designated "core" course work and school specific courses. Courses and other requirements vary depending on the school of study and specific certificate program.

General requirements for University Admission
Regardless of what area of study one chooses, everyone within the university must:
  • Successfully complete U100: Fundamental Of Gymnastics Instruction Course (online)
  • Be a current USA Gymnastics Member (Professional, Junior Professional, Instructor, Athlete).
  • Have a current background check with NCSI (18 years and older)
  • Be responsible for knowing the course requirements for the certificate they are pursuing. (While course requirements can and will change for different certification types, those who have already received the certification will maintain as active/current certifications)
  • Admission to multiple schools within the university is permitted.
  • Course requirements are subject to change at any time.

Application for USA Gymnastics University Pre-Placement:
Pre-Placement Available Until 7/31/2014

USA Gymnastics recognizes that a vast majority of our members have completed and are actively involved in many of the educational opportunities the university has to offer.

Those who are interested in achieving the highest level in the certificate program within the university will also have the opportunity to be pre-placed at a higher level than the entry level. These applicants must have vast work experience/achievements and completed higher education through USA Gymnastics University.

Pre Placement can occur within each school, at the third and fourth tier.

Eligibility for Pre-Placement:
You are eligible to apply for pre-placement if:

  • You have held a USA Gymnastics Professional Membership for a minimum of 3 years
  • You are a current Professional Member in the discipline/program to which you are applying for pre-placement
  • You are a minimum of 18 years old
  • You completed course U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction
  • You have a current background check with NCSI
If you are eligible for university pre-placement based on the criteria above, please download the appropriate pre-placement application for the school of study to which you are applying.
  • Pre Placement School of Recreational Gymnastics: PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Competitive: Women's - PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Competitive: Men's - PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Competitive: Trampoline and Tumbling - PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Competitive: Gymnastics For All - PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Competitive: Rhythmic - PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Competitive: Acrobatic - PDF | Online
  • Pre Placement School of Business: PDF | Online

Pre-Placement Process:

  • USA Gymnastics does its best in placing competitive coaches in the university. This pre-placement is done by capturing work experience you provide and coursework obtained through USA Gymnastics database.
  • Placement in multiple schools is also available to those who qualify for pre-placement.
  • USA Gymnastics course work completed in previous years is automatically applied towards current/future certificates.
  • Placement application processing and placement within the university will take 8-10 weeks for completion.
  • After submitting your application for pre-placement, you may check "My Membership" on the member services page at www.usagym.org periodically for processing updates.
  • Pre-placement in this university represents education level and not competency.
  • Pre-placement in the university can only occur when U100 Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction is completed regardless of the level of placement you have achieved.
  • Pre Placement Appeals can be addressed at placement@usagym.org. Include the following:
    • Name, Professional Number, Club, State, Email Address, and Phone Number
    • Placement requested, placement made by USA Gymnastics, and reasons for appeal

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