Y502: Rhythmic Brevet Judges Course
Contact Persons: Caroline Hunt/Jayme Vincent
Email: chunt@usagym.org or jvincent@usagym.org
Phone: 317.829.5662
130 E. Washington St.
Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204

From March 5th, 2017 (arrival day) to March 11th, 2017 (departure day)
Full Schedule

Deadline Summary
  • December 28, 2016 – Submission of Profile Information
  • January 11, 2017 – Online Registration and Payment (Via the USA Gymnastics Website)
  • January 11, 2017 – Submission of FIG Log Book (for former Brevet Judges)
  • January 11, 2017 – Submission of Travel information
  • January 11, 2017 – Declaration of which exams will be taken (Individual, Group, or both)
*PLEASE NOTE: These deadlines correspond with FIG Deadlines. It is imperative that all Brevet candidates submit information on time. Missing deadlines may result in a loss of eligibility for the course.

Hotel and Course Venue
The Alexander Hotel
335 South Delaware Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Website: https://www.thealexander.com

Indianapolis International Airport - IND

All eligible judges have received an invitation from the Rhythmic Program Director.

Click the button at the right to register for the Rhythmic National Judges Course. You must be logged in in order to register (Username and personal password-which you created).

Submission of Profile Information
DEADLINE: December 28, 2016

Please send all information/files listed below to jvincent@usagym.org
  • High quality passport scan
  • Headshot
    • The photo must be a color image
    • The photo must be clear (not blurry, grainy, or fuzzy)
    • The photo must be against a clear and plain background
    • The photo must be a head and shoulders shot of you
    • You must use a portrait orientation (taller than it is wide)
    • You must be facing the camera
    • You cannot wear sunglasses or a hat
  • Personal Information
    • Full Surname
    • Full Given Name
    • Preferred Surname
    • Preferred Given Name
    • Nickname (optional)
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Gender
    • Address
    • International Brevet Since? (for former brevet judges only)
Submission of FIG Log Book
DEADLINE: January 11, 2017

Please send your log book to jvincent@usagym.org

Your FIG log book must be sent exclusively in .pdf format for the XIII cycle (2013-2016) by January 11, 2017. Clear indication must be made on the copy sent (only one file per log book) regarding the log book holder (Country_ID#_Name_current category). Participants are also requested to bring their log book to the course.

ATTENTION: All participants must email jvincent@usagym.org by January 11, 2017, indicating whether they intend to take examinations for Individual, Group, or both.


According to the 2017-2020 FIG General and RG Specific Judges Rules, the Brevet Category will depend on the results of the examinations and the competition requirements.

NEW : according to the RG Specific Judges Course valid beginning 01 January 2017, there will be 2 different Brevets:
- 1 Brevet for Individual (RGI)
- 1 Brevet for Group (RGG)

A judge may take the exam for the Individual Brevet, the Group Brevet, or both.

Judges who opt to take both exams will receive two brevet category rankings, corresponding with the results of each examination. It is therefore possible for a judge to hold a category 4 brevet in Individual and a category 2 brevet in Group, for example.

Therefore, the examinations consist of:
  • Theoretical examination (50 questions common to both brevets, 50 for Individual, 50 for Group)
  • Practical examination for Individual : Difficulty and Execution
  • Practical examination for Groups : Difficulty and Execution
No results will be communicated at the end of the course.
Upon FIG approval, all results of the examinations and Brevet Categories for the XIV Cycle (2017– 2020), including the respective documents, will be sent by FIG to the participating National Member Federations concerned as soon as possible.

The costs per participant including accommodation with including breakfast & lunch for 6 nights, and all course’s costs are:
  • In single room USD $1,993
  • In double/twin room USD $1,399
FIG Entry fee (in addition to accommodation costs) USD$ 150.- per participant, not refundable

All participants are required to stay in the host hotel.

Please note dinners are not included in the above prices. Many restaurants are in a walking distance from the course venue.

Individuals arriving earlier or departing later than the official dates must indicate the dates of arrival and departure and pay additional costs for housing to USA Gymnastics. Costs for additional nights are USD $200.00 per person/per night single & USD $100.00 per person/per night double, including breakfast.

Submission of Travel Information
DEADLINE: January 11, 2017

Please send the information listed below to jvincent@usagym.org
  • Transportation Means (Plane, Train, Driving, etc.)
  • Arrival
    • Arrival Date
    • Arrival time
    • Arrival location
    • Flight Number (if applicable)
    • Last Connecting Airport (if applicable)
  • Departure
    • Departure date
    • Departure Time
    • Departure Location
    • Flight Number (if applicable)
    • First Connecting Airport (if applicable)
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