Y302: Level 3-6 & L7/8 Course and Exams
Course Description
Contact Persons: Caroline Hunt/Jayme Vincent
Email: chunt@usagym.org or jvincent@usagym.org
Phone: 317.829.5662

  • Online Level 3-6 (course content to be available in early November)
  • November 15
    • L3-6 Review
    • L7/8 Lectures
  • November 16
    • L3-8 Exams
ONLINE Level 3-6 Course

Level 3-6 & 7/8 – Review & Exams
USA Gymnastics national office:
130 E. Washington St.
Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Level 3-6 – Exam Only (No Review) Burlo Gymnastics
19801 Nordhoff Place Unit 106
Chatsworth, CA 91311

There is not an official host hotel. Below is a recommended hotel within easy walking distance of the USA Gymnastics office.

Hilton Garden Inn – Indianapolis Downtown
10 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 955-9700

There are also many other hotels in the downtown area. Uber and Lyft are convenient for downtown transportation.

Exam Participants
Eligibility information can be found in the USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Rules and Policies, Chapter 4: Officials and How to Become a Rhythmic Gymnastics Judge. If you have questions about your eligibility, please reach out to your Regional Judging Coordinator or the National Judges Representative, Stefanie Korepin.

CPE Participants
Currently certified judges (Level 3-8, National, and Brevet), who hold a level 3-6 certification, may register for the JO Judging Course and watch the online Level 3-6 course content to earn 5 CPE credits. For full information regarding CPE requirements, please see the USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Rules and Policies, Chapter 4: Officials.

Note: Even though the calendar year for CPE credits runs through October 31st, a judge who does not complete their CPE credits by October 31st, must simply complete the requirements and send proper documentation to their Regional Judging Coordinator before they are eligible to judge competitions the next season. Thus, this online CPE opportunity is an option for judges who have not yet completed their 2018 CPE credits.

Click the button at the right to register for the Rhythmic JO Judges Course and Level 3-6 and 7/9 Exams (separate registrations). You must be logged in in order to register (Username and personal password-which you created).

Course Fees:
  • $25 for JO Judges Course
  • $50 for L3-6 & Beginner Group Exam
  • $50 for Level 7/8 & Int/Adv Group Exam
Registration/Payment Deadline: November 1st, 2018 (all registrations/payments online)

The level 3-6 course content will be provided in the form of pre-recorded screen recordings that may be watched at your convenience in preparation for the exams.

The supplementary content specific to levels 7/8 will be in the form of live lectures before the exam.

The examination will consist of:
  • Theoretical (written) examination
  • Practical examination
  • Note: the level 3-6 exam also includes beginner group. The level 7/8 exam also includes intermediate/advanced group.
No results will be communicated at the end of the exams. Results will be sent to all participants as soon as possible following the conclusion of the examinations. Note: one grade will be given for level 3-6 and Beginner group combined. Two separate grades will be given for L7/8 individual and Int/Adv group.

Indianapolis Schedule
  • November 14 - Arrive anytime
  • November 15 - Level 3-6 Review & Level 7/8 Lectures (TENTATIVE Schedule)
    • 9:00am-12:00pm – Level 7/8 Lectures
    • 12:00pm-1:00pm – Lunch Break
    • 1:00pm-3:00pm – Level 7/8 Lectures
    • 3:00pm-6:00pm – Level 3-6 & Beg Group Review
  • November 16 - Exams
    • 9:00am-10:30am – Level 3-6 & Beg Group Practical Exam
    • 10:45am-12:15pm – Level 3-6 & Beg Group Written Exam
    • 1:15pm-2:45pm – Level 7/8 & Int/Adv Group Practical Exam
    • 3:00pm-4:30pm – Level 7/8 & Int/Adv Group Written Exam
Chatsworth Schedule
  • November 16 (Tentative Schedule)
    • 10:00am-11:30am – Level 3-6 & Beg Group Practical Exam
    • 11:30am-11:45am – Break
    • 11:45am-1:15pm – Level 3-6 & Beg Group Written Exam
Exam Registration
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