W200: Development Coaches Course: Hands on Training (HOTD)
Course Description
This is a live, six-hour, hands-on training course designed for school age, pre-team and Level 1-4 coaches. This is a NEW course developed for pre team, level 1-4 coaches and even school age recreational coaches. Course topics include warm ups, conditioning, lesson planning, hands on spotting and lecture for all Olympic events. This is a great hands on experience of drills and skill progression with instructors demonstrating practical examples of coaching level 1-4 gymnastics.

The W200 Development Coaches Course: HOTD has been developed to:

  • Enhance the status of beginning level competitive gymnastics programs throughout the United States.
  • Establish certificate program requirements which will help identify competent pre-team and competitive (Level 1-4) gymnastics coaches.
  • Provide appropriate skills, drills and techniques for entry level competitive coaches.
  • Help standardize pre-team and entry level competitive gymnastics teaching throughout the United States.
  • Provide resources, instructional materials, and assistance at levels 1-4 coaching
  • Provides Hands on Spotting on all four Olympic Events.
U200 Development Coaches Course: Sports Science (online) is a companion to W200: Development Coaches Course: Hands on Training (HOTD). It is highly recommended that you complete U200 prior to W200. However, it is not a requirement to take U200 first. U200 covers the sports science aspects of coaching this level athlete including nutrition, biomechanics, injury prevention and psychology.

Attendance to the W200 course is eligible for 6 hours of CPE credit.

This is a live course!
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By Mail or Fax

  • $70 for USA Gymnastics Members (Save $5 by registering online)
    Professional, Jr. Professional, Instructor and Athlete (age 14 or older)
  • $85 for Non Members (includes a complimentary Instructor Membership - 18 years and older - A background check is required)
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  • Course attendees must be a minimum of 14 years old.
  • Pre-registration can be done online up to one week prior to the live course. Pre-registration by mail or fax must be received two weeks prior to the course. Late or onsite registrations will incur a $25 fee in addition to the registration fee. Late registrations are not guaranteed course materials or a spot in the course.
  • Registered individuals may cancel their registration and request a refund within 30 days following a course. A 25% processing fee will apply. Course Cancellation and Refund Form
  • Individuals registered for a W200 HOTD course may transfer their registration to another HOTD course at a different date/time (using the Course Transfer Form). Transfers to another live course must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the new course or late fees will apply. Individuals MAY NOT transfer registration to another type of course or to another individual.
  • USA Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel and/or change the date of any live hands-on training course due to lack of registration(s).
Additional Course Information
Additional Resources: Please visit the USA gymnastics online store for an opportunity to purchase "Coaching Youth Gymnastics". This resource compliment material presented in the W200 Development Coaches Course: Hands on Training (HOTD) course.

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USA Gymnastics University
The W200 Development Coaches Course: HOTD is an elective course in the School of Competitive Gymnastics: Women's Artistic within the USA Gymnastics University.

Upon completion of the course, members can print out a certificate of course completion on their USA Gymnastics "My Membership" page. (Please allow 3-4 weeks)

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