A202: Acrobatics Judges Annual Recertification Exam
Course Description
The Acrobatic Judges Recertification Exam is created as a final step in preparing and testing the knowledge of judges for the upcoming competitive acrobatics season. A202 is an exam only; it does not contain course materials.

The A202 exam will cover Acrobatics Gymnastics JO Code of Points, Acrobatics Rules & Policies, relevant Technical Updates, and information provided at the live judge’s course. This exam will be updated annually based on rule changes for the upcoming competitive season.

It is a multiple-choice exam. No pictures or videos are included in the exam. This exam may take up to an hour to complete.
This is an online test!
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You must be at least 18 years of age and a Professional member to take this course.

Who is this Exam Course for?
A202 course is meant for those individuals who have already attended a live judges recertification course, either a national or regional course for the upcoming season. This course serves as the final step in renewing judging certification for the upcoming season. Judges must attend a live judge’s course AND complete and pass A202 to earn active acrobatics judging certification for the current season. A202 is a mandatory annual exam for any returning/current Acrobatic Gymnastic Judge.

Although, the A202 exam is open to all professional members, completion of A202 in and of itself does not qualify an acrobatics judge. An individual must also complete a live course. Additional requirements may also apply, especially in the first year of judging. Please reference the Acrobatics Rules & Policies for complete judging certification criteria and progressions.
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USA Gymnastics University
Upon completion of this course, members can print out a certificate under ‘Course History” on their USA Gymnastics “My Profile” page.