Sean Townsend

Birthdate: 1/20/1979
Program: Men's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Pearland, TX
Club: Reflex Gymnastics Academy
Head Coach: Sean Townsend

Career Highlights

Townsend was a member of the 2001 World Championship Team that earned an unprecedented silver medal, and he received the first individual medal for the U.S. men since 1979 when he became the world parallel bars champion. Townsend was a Sullivan Award finalist in 2001.
Personal Information

Hometown: Pearland, TX
Personal Website:

Name of High School: Clear Brook
High School Graduation Year: 1998
Name of College: San Jacinto
College Graduation Year: 2
Year you began gymnastics: 1988
Favorite Event: Vault and Parallel Bars

National Competition Results

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics, Philadelphia, Pa. - 11th-AA, FX, PH, SR, VT, PB, HB
2008 U.S. Men's Qualifier, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 8th-HB
2008 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. - 2nd-VT, PB
2007 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. - 1st-AA, PB; 4th-VT
2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minn. - 2nd-PB; 5th-AA
2005 Visa Championships, Indianapolis, Ind. - 4th-VT
2005 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. -
2004 Visa Championships, Nashville, Tenn. - 3rd-SR; 5th-AA
2004 Winter Cup, Las Vegas, Nev. - 1st-VT, HB; 2nd-AA; 3rd-PB
2003 National Championships, Milwaukee, Wis. -
2003 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. -
2002 U.S. Championships, Cleveland, Ohio - 1st-PB; 4th-SR; 5th-AA, FX(T)
2002 U.S. Men's Qualifier, Colorado Springs, Colo. -
2002 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. - 1st-SR
2001 National Championships, Philadelphia, Pa. - 1st-AA, FX, SR; 2nd-VT, PB
2001 U.S. Men's Qualifier, Santa Barbara, Calif. -
2001 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. -
2000 Olympic Trials, Boston, Mass. - 3rd-AA
2000 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships, St. Louis, Mo. - 2nd-AA, VT
2000 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. - 1st-FX, VT, PB(T); 4th-AA
1999 World Team Trials, Kansas City, Mo. - 4th-AA
1999 John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Sacramento, Calif. - 3rd-FX(T); 5th-AA

International Competition Results

2008 USA vs Canada, Calgary, Albera, Canada - 1st-Team; 2nd-FX
2007 Arthur Gander Memorial Competition, Morges, Switzerland - 2nd-PB
2007 USA vs. UKR vs. RUS, Kiev, Ukraine - 3rd-Team
2007 Internationaux de France - World Cup, Paris, France - 2nd-HB
2006 World Cup, Glasgow, Scotland - 3rd-PB
2005 World Cup, Paris, France - 5th-PB
2005 American Cup, Long Island, N.Y. - 7th-HB
2004 Stella Zakharova Cup, Kiev, Ukraine - 1st-Team; 2nd-PH(T), HB; 3rd-SR
2003 Chunichi Cup, Nagoya, Japan - 3rd-FX
2003 Visa American Cup, Fairfax, Va. - 2nd-SR; 3rd-PH, PB
2003 Internationaux de France, Paris-Bercy, France - 8th-HB; 9th-SR
2002 Individual Event World Championships, Debrecen, Hungary -
2002 Li Ning Cup, Beijing, China - 3rd-PB
2002 Sino-American Team Competition, Beijing, China -
2002 Pacific Alliance Championships, Vancouver, B.C., Canada - 1st-Team; 3rd-SR; 4th-AA
2002 Visa American Cup, Orlando, Fla. - 4th-AA
2002 World Cup, Cottbus, Germany - 3rd-SR(T), 3rd-PB
2001 Glasgow Grand Prix, Glasgow, Scotland - 2nd-PB; 4th-SR
2001 World Championships, Ghent, Belgium - 1st-PB; 2nd-Team; 8th-AA
2001 Goodwill Games, Brisbane, Australia -
2001 World University Games, Beijing, China - 4th-AA
2001 Pontiac American Team Cup, Honolulu, Hawaii - 1st-Team, AA
2001 10th French Internationaux Competition, Paris, France - 2nd-PB; 3rd-SR
2001 Visa American Cup, Orlando, Fla. - 1st-FX, PB; 2nd-AA, PH, HB(T); 3rd-SR
2000 Olympic Games, Syndey, Australia - 5th-Team
2000 Quantas International Challenge, Sydney, Australia - 6th-AA
1999 Grand Prix Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland -
1999 World Cup, Stuttgart, Germany -
1999 Pontiac International Team Championships, Richmond, Va. - 1st-Team; 2nd-PB
1999 World Championships, Tianjin, China - 6th-Team
1999 World University Games, Palma Majorca, Spain - VT
1999 American Cup, St. Petersburg, Fla. -
1999 Ixemes International France Telecom, Paris-Bercy, France - 3rd-FX