Bailie Key

Birthdate: 3/16/1999
Program: Women's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Montgomery, TX
Head Coach: Kim Zmeskal-Burdette
Other Coaches: Chris Burdette

Career Highlights

  • 2015 U.S. uneven bars and floor exercise (tie) bronze medalist

Personal Information

Nickname: Bullet
Birthplace: Augusta, GA USA
Hometown: Montgomery, TX USA

High School Graduation Year: 2017
Year you began gymnastics: 2002
How did you get involved in gymnastics: I stood on my head and did tricks off of my couch and bed. My mom and dad wanted me to be in a safe environment to practice my tricks.
Names of parents/guardians: Dannette Key, James Key
Names of sibling(s): Rylie Key
Family members in sports: Sister/Softball/Barrel Racing/Dance

National Competition Results

2015 P&G Championships, Indianapolis, Ind. - 3rd-UB, FX(T); 4th-AA
2015 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 3rd-UB, FX(T); 4th-AA; 5th-BB(T)
2013 P&G Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 1st-AA, BB, FX; 4th-VT, UB (Jr. Div.)
2013 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 1st-AA; 2nd-BB; 3rd-VT(T); 5th-UB, FX(T) (Jr. Div.)
2012 Visa Championships, St. Louis, Mo. - 3rd-VT, BB, FX(T); 4th-AA; 7th-UB (Jr. Div.)
2012 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 4th-VT; 5th-AA, BB, FX; 6th-UB (Jr. Div.)
2011 Visa Championships, Saint Paul, Minn. - 7th-FX; 8th-BB; 9th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2011 CoverGirl Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 6th-FX; 7th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2011 American Classic, Huntsville, Texas - 1st-FX; 5th-AA; 8th-VT, UB (Jr. 2)

International Competition Results

2015 Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-Team; 2nd-AA, UB
2014 Pacific Rim Championships, Richmond, Canada - 1st-Team, AA, VT, FX; 2nd-UB, BB (Jr. Div.)
2014 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-Team, AA, VT, UB, FX; 2nd-BB (Jr. Div.)
2013 International Junior Mexican Cup, Acapulco, Mexico - 1st-Team, AA
2013 International Junior Gymnastics Competition, Yokohama, Japan - 1st-AA, VT, UB, BB, FX
2013 USA, Germany, Romania Tri-Meet, Chemnitz, Germany - 1st-Team; 1st-AA (Jr. Div.)
2013 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-AA, VT, BB, FX; 3rd-UB (Jr. Div.)
2012 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-Team; 2nd-VT, FX; 3rd-AA(T); 6th-UB (Jr. Div.)