Serena Lu
Birthdate: 4/30/1998
Program: Rhythmic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Staten Island, NY
Club: Isadora by Matchpoint
Head Coach: Nataliya Kiriyenko
Other Coaches: Irina Khamidullina, Lyubov Maslova
Career Highlights

Personal Information
Birthplace: Minneapolis, MN
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Personal Website:
Name of High School: Staten Island Technical Highsc
High School Graduation Year: 2016
Name of College: Princeton University
College Graduation Year: 2020
Degree/Major: Psychology with Minors in Cogn
Year you began gymnastics: 2004
Favorite Event: Ball
How did you get involved in gymnastics: My mother saw an ad in the newspaper and had my sister and me try out a class.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: The continuous process of challenging yourself to reach new personal bests.
What are your goals for gymnastics?: My goal is to perform for the audience and reach my highest level of quality in each performance.
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Sean Lu and Dongfang Zhao
Names of sibling(s): Cindy
Family members in sports: Cindy Lu (former rhythmic gymnast)
Interests Outside the Gym
Hobbies or favorite activities: Reading, writing, dancing, knitting, anything performance related
Favorite music: Finneas, Dua Lipa, The Carpenters
Favorite book(s): Minor Feelings (Cathy Park Hong), We Were Dreamers (Simu Liu)
Favorite movie(s): The Imitation Game, Grand Budapest Hotel
Favorite TV show(s): Sherlock, Friends, The Boys, Umbrella Academy
Favorite Food: Dumplings
Charity Involvement: Playing piano and performing gymnastics for fundraisers
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International Competition Results