Ava Gehringer

Birthdate: 6/29/1989
Program: Rhythmic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Chicago, IL
Head Coach: Natasha Klimouk & Dani Takova


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Career Highlights

Ava is coached by Natasha Klimouk and Dani Takova at North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastic Center in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
Personal Information

Hometown: Evanston, IL

Year you began gymnastics: 1994

National Competition Results

2009 Visa Championships, Dallas, Texas - 1st-AA, RP, HP, BA, RB
2009 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 2nd-AA
2008 Visa Championships, Houston, Texas - 2nd-HP, RB; 3rd-AA; 4th-RP, CL
2008 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 4th-AA
2007 Visa Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 4th-AA, RP, CL, RB; 5th-HP
2007 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 4th-AA
2006 Visa Championships, St. Paul, Minn. - 3rd-AA, BA; 5th-RP, RB; 6th-CL
2006 Western Championships, Deerfield, Ill. - 1st-AA
2006 Eastern Championships, College Park, Md. - 2nd-AA
2005 Visa Championships, Indianapolis, Ind. - 6th-RB; 9th-AA
2005 Eastern Championships, College Park, Md. - 11th-AA
2005 Western Championships, Forest Grove, Ore. - 6th-AA
2004 Visa Championships, Nashville, Tenn. - 16th-AA
2004 Eastern Championships, Wilmingham, Del. - 12th-AA
2004 Western Championships, Deerfield, Ill. - 13th-AA
2004 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 10th-AA
2003 Eastern Championships, Tampa Bay, Fla. - 8th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2003 National Championships, Milwaukee, Wis. - 3rd-BA; 6th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2003 Western Championships, St. Paul, Minn. - 6th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2002 U.S. Championships, Cleveland, Ohio - 10th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2002 Western Championships, Portland, Ore. - 12th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2002 Eastern Championships, New Orleans, La. - 12th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2001 National Championships, Philadelphia, Pa. - 20th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2001 Eastern Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 18th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2001 Western Championships, San Rafael, Calif. - 18th-AA (Jr. Div.)

International Competition Results

2009 St. Petersburg World Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia - 7th-HP; 8th-RB
2008 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 1st-Team
2007 World Championships, Patras, Greece - alternate
2007 5th Baltic Rhythmic Gymnastic Cup, Rumia-Gdynia, Poland - 3rd-CL; 9th-AA
2007 I Torneo Internacional De Andalucia, Marbella, Spain - 4th-AA
2007 Coupe D'Opale, Calais, France - 3rd-RB; 5th-AA, HP, RP; 6th-CL
2006 Happy Cup, Ghent, Belgium - 4th-BA; 5th-CL, RB; 7th-RP; 9th-AA
2006 No Limits Open, Braaschatt, Belgium - 5th-RP; 6th-RB; 8th-AA
2006 Diputacion de Huelva, Huelva, Spain - 1st-BA; 3rd-AA, RB