Casey Chandler

Birthdate: 11/18/1986
Program: Trampoline & Tumbling
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Springfield, OR
Club: Legacy Trampoline and Tumbling


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Career Highlights

  • 2016 U.S. double mini champion
  • 2014 U.S. double mini silver medalist

Personal Information

Hometown: Springfield, OR

National Competition Results

2016 USA Gymnastics Championships, Providence, R.I. - 1st-DM; 5th-TR
2016 Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 5th-DM(T)
2016 Winter Classic, Battle Creek, Mich. - 2nd-DM; 7th-TR
2015 USA Gymnastics Championships, Greensboro, N.C. - 6th-SY
2015 Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 4th-DM; 6th-SY
2014 USA Gymnastics Championships, Louisville, Ky. - 2nd-DM; 7th-SY
2014 U.S. Elite Challenge, Spokane, Wash. - 5th-TR, SY; 8th-DM
2014 Kalon Ludvigson Invitational, Salt Lake City, Utah - 5th-DM; 6th-TR
2012 U.S. Elite Championships, Long Beach, Calif. - 5th-DM
2012 USA Gymnastics Trampoline Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 7th-TR
2012 Elite Challenge, Tulsa, Okla. - 5th-DM
2011 U.S. Elite Championships, San Antonio, Texas - 4th-DM
2011 U.S. Elite Challenge, Fort Worth, Texas - 7th-DM
2011 Winter Classic, Houston, Texas - 4th-TU

International Competition Results

2016 Canada Cup, Kamloops, Canada - 3rd-DM
2014 Pan American Championships, Toronto, Canada - 3rd-DM (Team); 4th-DM