Brandon Briones

Birthdate: 4/29/2001
Program: Men's Artistic
Level: Level 8 (11-12)
Current Residence: Gilbert, AZ
Club: USA Youth Fitness Center
Head Coach: Paris Bland


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Personal Information

Years on the National Team: 1
Birthplace: Park Ridge, IL
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

Year in School: 7th
Year you began gymnastics: 2007
Favorite Event: Floor
How did you get involved in gymnastics: I taught myself how to do a handstand and walk on my hands. My parents decided to put me in gymnastics.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: Completing a successful competition.
What are your goals for gymnastics?: To get a gold medal at Worlds or the Olympics.
Names of parents/guardians: Deo & Laurie
Names of sibling(s): Natalie & Dylan
Family members in sports: Natalie & Dylan both do gymnastics.

Interests Outside the Gym

Hobbies or favorite activities: Reading & hiking
Favorite book(s): Harry Potter series
Favorite movie(s): Now You See Me
Favorite TV show(s): Impractical Jokers, Myth Busters, & Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite Food: Shrimp, BBQ, grapefruit, & bacon

National Competition Results

2014 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Long Beach, Calif. - 1st-AA, FX, SR; 2nd-PH, VT, PB; 4th-HB (L8, 12)
2013 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Portland, Ore. - 1st-PH; 2nd-AA, PB(T); 3rd-FX, SR; 4th-VT (11-12)