Emily Gaskins

Birthdate: 5/23/2000
Program: Women's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Deerfield Beach, FL
Club: Cincinnati Gymnastics
Head Coach: Mary Lee Tracy


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Personal Information

Birthplace: Boca Raton, FL
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Facebook: Facebook.com/Emily Gaskins

Year in School: 7th
High School Graduation Year: 2018
Favorite Event: Bars
How did you get involved in gymnastics: When I was younger my parents put me in different activities such as swimming, soccer and ballet. My sisters studied classical ballet and when it was time for me to take ballet class, all I wanted to do was swing on the ballet bars and do cartwheels
Favorite thing about gymnastics: learning new skills and
What are your goals for gymnastics?: I want to be on the US National team and someday compete in the Olympics
Names of parents/guardians: Kim and Ronald Gaskins
Names of sibling(s): Kayla (21yrs old) Allison (19 yrs old)
Family members in sports: Kayla is a Dazzler (basketball cheer/dance team)for the University of Florida. Allison is a cheerleader for the University of Florida. Go Gators!!

Interests Outside the Gym

Favorite school subject: Science and anthropology i like learning about the past through science
Hobbies or favorite activities: gymnastics, swimming and snow skiing
Favorite music: County Music I like Toby Keith and Phil Vassar
Favorite book(s): Little House on the Praire
Favorite movie(s): Oh Brother, Where Art thou?
Favorite TV show(s): Pretty Little Liers and Dance Moms
Favorite Food: My mom's meatloaf
Charity Involvement: St Vincient de Paul society
Other sports involvement: none now

National Competition Results

2017 P&G Championships, Anaheim, Calif. - 4th-FX(T); 7th-AA
2017 U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 3rd-FX; 6th-AA(T)
2016 P&G Championships, St. Louis, Mo. -
2016 Secret U.S. Classic, Hartford, Conn. - 7th-AA
2015 P&G Championships, Indianapolis, Ind. - 3rd-VT(T) (Jr. Div.)
2015 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - (Jr. Div.)
2014 P&G Championships, Pittsburgh, Pa. - 5th-VT, BB; 6th-AA, FX (Jr. Div.)
2014 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 4th-BB(T); 7th-VT(T) (Jr. Div.)
2013 P&G Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 10th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2013 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 5th-FX(T); 9th-AA (Jr. Div.)
2013 Women's Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championships, Minneapolis, Minn. - 2nd-AA, UB(T); 4th-VT(T); 8th-FX (Jr. A)
2013 Nastia Liukin Cup, Worcester, Mass. -
2012 Landover, Maryland - 1st FX, HB, AA, 3rd BB, 8thVT

International Competition Results

2016 Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy -
2014 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-Team; 5th-AA; 8th-FX (Jr. Div.)
2013 International Junior Mexican Cup, Acapulco, Mexico - 1st-Team