Daphne Kirschner

Birthdate: 2/22/1999
Program: Acrobatic
Level: Junior
Current Residence: Rockville, MD
Club: Xtreme Acro and Cheer


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Personal Information

Hometown: Rockville, MD

National Competition Results

2013 U.S. Acrobatic Championships, Louisville, Ky. - 1st-AA, DY; 2nd-BL (WG) (Jr. Div.)
2013 Acro Cup, Kearney, Mo. - 1st-AA (13-19 WG)
2012 National Championships, Detroit, Mich. - 2nd-AA, BL(T), DY (WG) (Jr. Div.)
2011 National Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 1st-DY; 4th-AA, BL (WG) (Jr. Div.)
2010 National Championships, Kississimme, Fla. - 1st-AA (WG 11-16); 3rd-AA (WP 11-16)

International Competition Results

2013 World Cup, Sofia, Bulgaria - 2nd-AA (11-19 WG)
2012 World Age Group Competition, Lake Buena Vista, Fla. - (12-19 WG)
2010 World Age Group Competition, Wroclaw, Poland - 7th-AA (WG 11-16)