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National Competition Results

2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, San Jose, Calif. - 1st-UB; 8th-AA
2016 P&G Championships, St. Louis, Mo. - 2nd-UB; 5th-AA; 6th-FX(T); 7th-BB
2016 Secret U.S. Classic, Hartford, Conn. - 2nd-UB
2015 P&G Championships, Indianapolis, Ind. - 1st-UB; 6th-AA; 8th-FX
2015 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 1st-UB
2014 P&G Championships, Pittsburgh, Pa. - 2nd-UB; 5th-BB
2014 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 2nd-UB; 8th-BB
2013 Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 2nd-UB; 7th-AA
2013 American Classic, Huntsville, Texas - 1st-VT, UB, AA
2010 Visa Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 3rd-UB; 5th-AA; 6th-VT, FX (Jr. Div.)
2010 CoverGirl Classic, Chicago, Ill. - 3rd-UB; 5th-AA, VT (Jr. Div.)
2009 Visa Championships, Dallas, Texas - 6th-AA(T); 8th-UB (Jr. Div.)
2009 CoverGirl Classic, Des Moines, Iowa - (Jr. Div.)
2009 Level 9 Western Championships, Bartlesville, Okla. - 1st-AA, VT, UB; 3rd-FX; 6th-BB (Jr. 1)

International Competition Results

2016 Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 1st-Team; 2nd-UB
2015 World Championships, Glasgow, Great Britain - 1st-Team, UB(T)
2014 World Championships, Nanning, China - 1st-Team
2014 Pan American Championships, Toronto, Canada - 1st-Team; 2nd-UB; 4th-BB(T)
2014 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-UB
2011 City of Jesolo Trophy, Jesolo, Italy - 1st-Team; 2nd-AA; 3rd-BB; 4th-VT, UB; 5th-FX (Jr. Div.)
2009 TOP Gym, Charleroi, Belgium - 1st-VT; 2nd-BB; 3rd-AA