JoAnna Arnold

Birthdate: 11/23/1991
Program: Rhythmic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Evanston, IL
Head Coach: Natasha Klimouk, Dani Takova,


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Career Highlights

Arnold is the daughter of Donna and Joe Arnold, and she has four brothers: Steve, Mike, Tim and Danny.
Personal Information

Nickname: Jonna
Hometown: Northville, MI

Name of High School:
Year you began gymnastics: 2001
Favorite Event: Hoop
How did you get involved in gymnastics: I started in artistic and my instructor recommended me for rhythmic.
Favorite thing about gymnastics: Competing
What are your goals for gymnastics?: To improve my ranking on the National Team and to compete at the World Championships.
Names of parents/guardians: Donna and Joe Arnold
Names of sibling(s): Steve, Mike, Tim and Danny

Interests Outside the Gym

Favorite school subject: Math
Hobbies or favorite activities: Rollerblading, skiing and shopping
Favorite music: Anything but country and rock
Favorite book(s): Code Orange
Favorite TV show(s): So You Think You Can Dance
Favorite Food: Blueberries

National Competition Results

2010 Visa Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 3rd-HP, BA; 4th-AA, RP; 5th-RB
2010 National Qualifier, Detroit, Mich. - 5th-AA
2010 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 3rd-HP; 4th-BA; 5th-AA, RB; 6th-RP
2009 Visa Championships, Dallas, Texas - 5th-BA; 6th-AA, RP, HP; 8th-RB
2009 National Qualifier, Plainfield, Ind. - 1st-RP; 2nd-AA; 3rd-BA; 4th-HP; 5th-RB
2009 Junior Olympic Optional Championships, Chicago, Ill. - 3rd-AA, BA; 4th-RB; 5th-RP; 6th-HP
2009 Rhythmic Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 6th-AA
2008 Visa Championships, Houston, Texas - 6th-RP; 7th-HP; 8th-AA; 9th-RB; 10th-CL
2008 Rhythmic Invitational, Culver City, Calif. - 1st-AA
2007 Visa Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 8th-AA

International Competition Results

2010 World Championships, Moscow, Russia -
2010 Chicago Cup, Chicago, Ill. -
2010 Pearls of St. Petersburg World Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia -
2010 Opal Cup, Calais, France - 5th-AA