Donnell Whittenburg

Birthdate: 8/18/1994
Program: Men's Artistic
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Baltimore, MD
Club: U.S.O.T.C. Gymnastics
Head Coach: Abdul Mammeri


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Career Highlights

  • 2014 Winter Cup Challenge all-around and still rings silver medalist

Personal Information

Nickname: DJ
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD USA
Hometown: Baltimore, MD USA

Name of High School: edgewood high
High School Graduation Year: 2012
Year you began gymnastics: 2002
Favorite Event: pommel horse
How did you get involved in gymnastics: I began gymnastics because I was teaching myself skills and doing "back yard gymnastics" and my mom didn't want me to hurt myself. MY coach saw me in classes and told my mom to put me on the team
Favorite thing about gymnastics: traveling
What are your goals for gymnastics?: to make it on the national team and to continue in college
Names of parents/guardians: Sheila Brown
Names of sibling(s): Taneisha, Latisha, and Damon
Family members in sports: None

Interests Outside the Gym

Favorite school subject: Engineering and Technology
Hobbies or favorite activities: Skateboarding and drumming
Favorite music: All kinds
Favorite book(s): none
Favorite movie(s): Mortal Kombat, American Pie, Zombieland
Favorite TV show(s): Family Guy, Ninja Warrior, Deadliest Warrior, Unbeatable Banzuke, Man Vs Wild,
Favorite Food: I LOVE FOOD!!
Charity Involvement: none
Other sports involvement: Soccer , Football, Basketball

National Competition Results

2014 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. - 2nd-AA, SR; 4th-VT(T); 6th-FX; 7th-PB
2013 P&G Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 6th-SR; 7th-VT; 8th-PB
2013 National Qualifier, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 1st-SR(T); 2nd-AA, PB; 3rd-PH(T); 7th-HB
2013 Winter Cup Challenge - Las Vegas, Nev. - 6th-VT; 7th-SR
2012 Visa Championships, St. Louis, Mo. - 1st-AA, SR; 2nd-VT, PB; 3rd-HB; 5th-FX; 6th-PH (Jr. 16-18)
2012 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Cincinnati, Ohio - 1st-AA, SR; 3rd-VT; 7th-PB (16-18)
2012 Winter Cup Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev. -
2011 Visa Championships, Saint Paul, Minn. - 2nd-SR; 4th-VT, HB(T); 6th-AA, PB (Jr. 16-18)
2011 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Long Beach, Calif. - 2nd-SR; 9th-AA (16-18)
2010 Visa Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 3rd-VT; 5th-HB(T); 6th-SR (Jr. 14-15)
2010 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Knoxville, Tenn. - 8th-AA (14-15)
2009 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Cincinnati, Ohio - 4th-VT (14-15)
2008 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Battle Creek, Mich. - 2nd-VT (12-13)
2006 Men's Junior Olympic National Championships, Oklahoma City, Okla. - 4th-VT (12-13)

International Competition Results

2014 Doha Challenge Cup, Doha, Qatar - 4th-PB
2013 DTB Team Challenge, Stuttgart, Germany - 5th-Team
2012 Mexican Open, Acapulco, Mexico - 6th-AA