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Kaitlin Tortorich
Birthdate: 11/3/1990
Program: Trampoline & Tumbling
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Lacombe, LA
Club: Gymnastics Plus
Head Coach: Sergio Galvez
Career Highlights
Tortorich currently lives in Haymarket, Va., but lists Mandeville, La., as her hometown. She is the daughter of Liz and Tommy Tortorich. She has three older siblings, Kristin, Emily, and Robbie, and two younger siblings, Anna and Micah. Kristin works for a real estate company and Emily owns a bake shop, and both still live in Louisiana. Robbie is in the U.S. Marine Corps. Anna and Micah both compete in tumbling, and Anna is a member of the U.S. Junior National Team.
About Kaitlin Tortorich
Nickname: Katie
Hometown: Haymarket, VA
Name of High School: Laurel Springs School
Year you began gymnastics: 1993
Favorite Event: Tumbling
How did you get involved in gymnastics: My mom put me in it because I wouldn't stop flipping around the house!
Favorite thing about gymnastics: All the places I get to travel to and the new people I get to meet!
What are your goals for gymnastics?: To compete at the Worlds Games in 2009.
Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Liz and Tommy Tortorich
Names of sibling(s): Kristin, Emily and Robbie (older half siblings) Anna and Micah (younger siblings)
Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite school subject: English
Hobbies or favorite activities: I love to play my guitar and hang out with friends
Favorite book(s): The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
Favorite TV show(s): House, Scrubs and South Park
Favorite Food: Popsicles
Charity Involvement: I help a group called SNAP (Special Needs Advocate Program) at various camps and events
National Competition Results
  • 2009 Final Selection Event, Las Vegas, Nev. - 2nd-TU
  • 2009 Visa Championships, Dallas, Texas - 1st-TU
  • 2008 Visa Championships, Houston, Texas - 1st-TU
  • 2008 U.S. Elite Challenge, Mobile, Ala. - 1st-TU
  • 2007 Stars and Stripes Cup, Birmingham, Ala. - 1st-TU
  • 2007 National Championships, Memphis, Tenn. - 4th-TU
  • 2007 U.S. Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 1st-TU
International Competition Results
  • 2009 World Championships, St. Petersburg, Russia - 2nd-TU (Team); 4th-TU
  • 2007 World Championships, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - 1st-TU (Team); 8th-TU
  • 2007 World Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia - 2nd-TU
  • 2007 World Cup, Lake Placid, N.Y. -
Videos of Kaitlin Tortorich
  • Women: AA = All Around | VT = Vault | UB = Uneven Bars | BB = Balance Beam | FX = Floor Exercise | (T) = Tie
  • Men: AA = All Around | FX = Floor Exercise | PH = Pommel Horse | SR = Still Rings | VT = Vault | PB = Parallel Bars | HB = Horizontal Bars | (T) = Tie
  • Rhythmic: AA = All Around | RP = Rope | HP = Hoop | BA = Ball | CL = Clubs | RB = Ribbon | (T) = Tie
  • Acro: DY = Dynamic | BL = Balance | AA = All Around/Combined
  • T&T: TR = Trampoline | TU = Tumbling | DM = Double Mini | SY = Synchronized Trampoline
  • Parkour: FS - Freestyle | SP = Speed