Casey Bryan

1994 Team World Championships Team Member

Hometown: Woods Cross, Utah
Residence: Norman, Okla.
Date/Place of Birth: Aug. 9, 1975/Salt Lake City, Utah
Club: University of Oklahoma
Coach: Mark Williams
Previous Coach: Chris Leech
College: University of Oklahoma
Major: Health Studies
Years on Junior Elite National
Team: 1 (1993-94)
Years on Senior National Team: 2 (1994-95, 1995-96)
Began Gymnastics: 1981

Bryan was the J.O. National Champion in 1991, and by 1993 he won the Junior National Championships. By 1994 he had moved up to the senior division and earned a spot on the 1994 World Championships Team.

International Competition

National Competition

updated: 12 Sep 1995