Acro Pre-Team Program Overview

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Thank you for showing interest in USA Gymnastics and the Acrobatic Gymnastics Pre-team Program! A whole new world full of opportunity awaits you. You will find that as you learn more about USA Gymnastics and the Acrobatic Gymnastics Pre-team program, countless benefits, a program to aid in the retention of your current athletes, and the creation of an additional revenue stream for your club will be within your reach! Acrobatic Gymnastics is consistently making strides toward achieving more for the sport and its members.

USA Gymnastics and the Acrobatic Gymnastics program have created an easy to follow program initiative geared towards club owners, program directors, recreational managers and interested coaches to attract new kids to your gym, retain current athletes, and to help your club grow in total numbers. The Pre-Team Program has two basic goals: to provide an easy, step-by-step program for new and/or pre-existing coaches who wish to create an athlete pipeline for current acrobats from recreational to competitive levels; and to create an additional revenue stream in a gymnastics club. The Pre-team program will aid in the development of a new Acrobatic Gymnastics "Acro", program. Whether or not you are an existing club or constructing a program from the ground-up; the Acro Pre-team program to ensure a successful start.

Get Involved - USA Gymnastics and the Acrobatic Gymnastics program appreciate your involvement in the Acrobatic Pre-Team/Recreational program. Your efforts toward offering a fun, safe, and healthy program to your already existing program benefits youth in a variety of ways. By starting this program, you are helping kids become more active, offer an environment for expression as well as potentially creating an additional revenue stream for your club.

As you learn more about the USA Gymnastics and the Acrobatic Pre-team Program, you will find a variety of benefits.

Introductory Athlete Membership - Introductory Athlete Membership is required prior to any gymnast taking part in a USA Gymnastics event. Benefits of Introductory Athlete Membership - The National Office wishes to acknowledge each introductory athlete member. As a member of the Acro Pre-team Program and current Introductory Athlete Membership, you will receive numerous benefits. As a registered USA Gymnastics Introductory Athlete Member of member of the Acro Pre-team Program, each athlete will receive the following benefits:

  • Right to participate in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned event for which you are qualified
  • Insurance coverage of up to $50,000 Secondary Accident Insurance ($500 deductible)
  • USA Gymnastics Introductory Athlete Membership Card
  • First and Last name listed on the Acro page Pre-team page
  • A U.S. mailed or emailed copy of the Acro Highlight each month
  • An Acrobatic Gymnastics Highlight Video including stand-out routines of the past
Registering for the Introductory Athlete Membership - There are two ways to register as an Introductory Athlete Member: An Introductory Athlete form is also included in Handbook (see Appendix). The form is for secondary insurance and must be completely filled out with all signatures present before membership and any membership benefits will be released. Once an introductory member in the Acro pre-team program, DO NOT FORGET to submit athlete's first and last name, USA Gymnastics Introductory Membership number, and mailing or email address to the National Office to receive the monthly Acro Highlight.

The complete Acro Pre-team Handbook for Acrobatic Gymnastics is available for download. What are you waiting for.. GET STARTED TODAY!

The Acro Pre-team Handbook is in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). With the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can read and print these pages.

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