2015 Acro World Team Trials
December 17–20, 2015
National Team Training Center - Huntsville, Texas

The 2015 Acro World Team Trials will serve as the selection event to determine the 2016 World Championships and World Age Group Competition Teams. Pair/groups wishing to be considered for the 2016 World Championships/WAGC must compete at World Team Trials. Competition will take place for senior elite, junior elite 13-19, junior elite 12-18, and 11-16 age group.

WCH AND WAGC DEPOSITS If registering as and Individual (not through your club) please click here to pay your deposit.
ATHLETE REQUIREMENTS Age: Only those pair/groups meeting FIG age requirements for the 2016 season (age as of December 31, 2016) are eligible to be considered for the World Teams.

Qualification: Pair/groups must meet the competition requirements to participate at the respective age group by completing any necessary skills testing or moving into the level via competition scores to be eligible to compete at the 2015 World Team Trials.
REGISTRATION Registration for the 2015 Acro World Team Trials is available online beginning November 4, 2015. ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION

Entry Deadline: Online entries must be completed by November 18, 2015.

Entry Fees: $125.00 per athlete
Accommodations: $67.00 per person/night/4 nights
Total Cost athlete: $393.00
Total Cost coach: $268.00
SCRATCHES / REFUND REQUESTS The refund deadline is Tuesday, December 1, 2015. Family emergencies, illness, or injury are the only acceptable circumstances under which a refund will be given. Scratch requests will be done online under your clubs registration. Refunds will be processed 2 weeks after the event.
STRUCTURE OF COMPETITION 11-16 will compete a balance and dynamic exercise. 12-18, 13-19, and seniors will compete a balance, dynamic, and combined exercise. Judging will be according to FIG WAGC Rules, FIG Code of Points, and Table of Difficulty.
TRAVEL / TRANSPORTATION All coaches and athletes should make their own travel arrangements, including airline tickets and rental cars.

Ground transportation will not be arranged to/from the airport to the training center. Generally, Houston International is the airport recommended; however Hobby is also an option.

Please make sure your travel arrangements have you at the training center in time for a mandatory coaches’ meeting at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 17.
SELECTION PROCEDURES In order for athletes to be considered for World Championships or WAGC, Selection Procedures must be sent to Amy White, awhite@usagym.org by November 18, 2015.
PAYMENT INFORMATION FOR WCH/WAGC Athletes being considered for WCH or WAGC must be prepared to submit payment information for cost of flights/accommodations and delegation fees immediately upon selection. Please note: USA Gymnastics will provide partial funding for WCH; however, the amount will not be determined until Selections are made.
TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS Pair/groups selected to the 2016 World Championships and World Age Group Competition Teams will be announced via email by December 21, 2015.
TARIFF SHEETS Tariff sheet must be submitted by December, 4, 2015 on the OTSM, World Team Trials folder.

The deadline to turn in REVISED tariff sheets is December 11, 2015. After this date, ONLY THE REVISED TARIFF SHEET CHANGE FORM IS TO BE USED! Please, include the pair/group's entry number on all tariff sheets. Tariff Sheet and Revised Tariff Sheet Deadlines will be strictly enforced by the Meet Referee per the Acrobatic Gymnastics Specifications.
MUSIC POLICY Music for 2015 World Team Trials must be submitted by December 4, 2015.
  1. Each club is to submit all athlete competition music for the 2015 World Team Trials through the "Online Tariff Sheet Manager." Each routine is to be a separate file in MP3 format. The file name is to be the pair/group's ID number and the first letter of the routine without spaces or other characters (i.e. the music file for the Level 10 WG #165 Balance routine would be "165B". These files will be used for all exercises (including training) occurring on the competition floor. Upload the music files in the "World Team Trials" folder for your club (the same location where tariff sheets are to be filed).

  2. All music files must be uploaded by Wednesday, November 18. Files uploaded after this deadline will not be available for use during the competition.

All pairs/groups must bring up backup CD in the event of an equipment malfunction.
FIG LICENSE All athletes submitting Selection Procedures for World Championships or World Age Group Competition Teams must have an FIG License that is current through 2016 WCH and WAGC. If you are unsure if your license is valid, please contact Amy White so that she can confirm. awhite@usagym.org
ATTIRE/APPAREL Athlete and coaches are representing their club teams at the World Team Trials and should wear club warm-ups and leotards throughout the training and competition days.