2015 Acro Cup Training Camp
April 14-20, 2015 - National Team Training Center - Huntsville, Texas

All athletes and coaches are required to submit waiver and medical forms prior to attending the Training Camp. Please fax (317.237.5069) or email forms to Amy White (awhite@usagym.org)
AthletesNational Team Training Center Form AND the Consent to Treatment Form
CoachesNational Team Training Center Form

This will be a training camp for those groups age eligible for 2016 only. Level 10 groups who have not yet tested up, but that will be age eligible for 12-18 at 2016 World Age Group Competition are eligible to attend.

Level 8 Men’s Pairs and Men’s Group who will be age eligible for 11-16 at 2016 World Age Group Competition are invited to attend camp. This decision was supported by the Program Committee in order to promote the growth of these two disciplines. Due to space limitations, exceptions can only be made for MP and MG.

2015 Acro Cup will not be a competition. Routines will be run starting on the third day of camp. Athletes will need to be in competitive attire with light makeup. Judges will be there to score routines; however, the scores will not be shown. Scores will be used for feedback sessions with the coaches.

This camp is mandatory for all groups wanting to be considered for 2016 World Age Group and World Championships in China.


  1. Click on this link to register and pay for the camp. ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION
  2. Register your team on the Acro Event Registration page.
  3. Submit the Registration Form to the National Office. Attn: Stephanie Marron

Athletes: $527.00 - Includes registration fee ($125.00) and meals/accommodations
Coaches: $402.00 – Includes meals/accommodations
Skills Test: $60.00/pair or trio – If you have more than one group skills testing please make two transactions.

** There will be no price adjustments for any reason. **

***Ground transportation will NOT be arranged to and from the airport/Karolyi’s.
Generally, Houston International is the airport recommended; however Hobby is also an option.

The refund deadline is Wednesday, April 1. Family emergencies, illness, or injury are the only acceptable circumstances under which a refund will be given. (Refund/Scratch Request must be in-hand at the National Office by April 1, 2015). Attn: Elizabeth Millard

Complete the Refund/Scratch Request Form.

Refunds will be processed 2 weeks after the event.

SCHEDULE: (tentative)
Tuesday, April 14 - Arrival (after 1:00 p.m.)/ open training/skills testing
Wednesday, April 15 - Scheduled training / skills testing
Thursday, April 16 - Scheduled training
Friday, April 17 - Routines (all groups to run routines)
Saturday, April 18 - Routines (continued)
Sunday, April 19 - Scheduled Training
Monday, April 20 - Early a.m. Departures

Tariff Sheet Submission Deadline: April 1, 2015
Website: http://acrootsm.com/
***The deadline to turn in revised tariff sheets is April 7, 2015. ONLY THE REVISED TARIFF SHEET CHANGE FORM IS TO BE SUBMITTED! Include the pair/group's entry number on all revised tariff sheets.

All clubs must bring 1 CD with ALL of their athlete's music to the event. The CD should have each routine for each pair/group competing at Acro Cup. In addition to the CD, the coach should label in what order the routines are on the CD by each pair/group's ID number and routine (i.e. 11-16 WG #165 Balance).