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2014 Acro Cup
May 6-13, 2014 - National Team Training Center - Huntsville, Texas

The 2014 Acro Cup will serve as a selection for the 2014 National Teams and international competitions including World Championships and World Age Group Competition. Out of age may be selected for the International Club Team (ICT) only. Pair/groups wishing to be considered for international assignments must compete at the 2014 Acro Cup. Competition will take place for senior elite, 13-19/junior elite, 12-18 junior elite and 11-16 age group. Only those pair/groups meeting FIG age requirements are eligible for international assignments as part of TEAM USA. Out of age athletes must meet expanded ages and will only be approved to attend international competitions designated as club competitions.

Training camp is open to athletes trying for National Team or Worlds only. The camp is not open to ICT athletes. Camp is mandatory for all World Team athletes and although recommended, is optional for National Team athletes. In order for the camp to run smoothly and for the athletes and coaches to receive the best training experience, each group of athletes must have a personal coach present.

Registration for the 2014 Acro Cup and Training Camp is available online beginning March 20. Clubs may register by clicking on the below link:


Entry Deadline
Online entries must be completed by April 4, 2014. Registration Payment Form must be completed and returned to the National Office by the registration deadline of: April 4, 2014.

Ground transportation will not be arranged to and from the airport/Karolyi's. Generally, Houston International is the airport recommended; however Hobby is also an option.

Scratches / Refund Requests
The refund deadline is Monday, April 28, 2014. Family emergencies, illness, or injury are the only acceptable circumstances under which a refund will be given. (Refund/Scratch Request must be in-hand at the National Office by April 28, 2014.

Complete the Refund/Scratch Request Form

Refunds will be processed 2 weeks after the event.

Schedule (tentative)

    Tuesday, May 6 - Arrival / open training/skills testing
    Wednesday, May 7 - Scheduled training / skills testing
    Thursday, May 8 - Competition
    Friday, May 9 - Competition
    Saturday, May 10 - Competition/Finals – evening Training Camp
    Sunday, May 11 - Training camp
    Monday, May 12 - Training camp
    Tuesday, May 13 - 1/2 day training camp/ noon departures
Selection Procedures:
In order for athletes to be considered for National Team/World Championships or WAGC, Selection Procedures must be turned in by April 11, 2014.

Athletes being considered for WCH or WAGC must be prepared to submit payment information for cost of flights/accommodations and delegation fees immediately upon selection. Flights will be booked from the Training Camp. (USA Gymnastics will provide partial funding for WCH; however, the amount will not be determined until Selections are made).

Tariff Sheets
Acro Cup Tariff Sheet Submission
Deadline: April 22, 2014
The deadline to turn in revised tariff sheets is April 29, 2014. ONLY THE REVISED TARIFF SHEET CHANGE FORM IS TO BE SUBMITTED! Include the pair/group's entry number on all revised tariff sheets. Tariff Sheet and Revised Tariff Sheet Deadlines will be strictly enforced by the Meet Referee per the Acrobatic Gymnastics Specifications.

Music Policy - Acro Cup
Music for Acro Cup must be submitted by April 18 via email to:

Music should be submitted in MP3 or WAV format. Please label Acro Cup music as follows:

    ID# and the first letter of the routine. For example '2187B.MP3' is the music for the Balance routine of pair ID 2187.
All clubs must bring 1 CD with ALL of their athlete's music to the event. The CD should have each routine for each pair/group competing at Acro Cup. In addition to the CD, the coach should label in what order the routines are on the CD by each pair/group's ID number and routine (i.e. Level 10 WG #165 Balance).

Music Policy - World Championships and WAGC
Music for World Championships and WAGC will be downloaded to the FIG as part of the Nominative Entry. Every group submitting Selection Procedures for W.C. or WAGC submit their music in MP3 or WAV labeled as follows:(Category _ Exercise (B,D,C) _ Nation _ W2-M2-MX2-W3-M4 _ Number (1 or 2) _ NAME).

    (Example: Senior_D_W2_GBR_1_JACKSON-JEFFERSON.mp3).
Music files need to be submitted via email to by May 12.

FIG License:
For all athletes submitting Selection Procedures for World Championships or World Age Group Competition who do not have a current FIG License, please complete the payment form and return via email to by April 4, 2014, along with a color scanned copy of their passport and a headshot (both in JPEG format). If you believe you have a valid license that will be current through WCH/WAGC, please contact Amy so that she can confirm. Once Amy has received all of the documentation, she will forward a copy of the License Application which will need to be completed and returned to her immediately. (Due to the fact that the FIG website states it can take up to six weeks to process FIG licenses, all athletes submitting Selection Procedures must apply for the application in advance. If FIG licenses are not processed by the first of June when Nominative Entries are due, the athletes will not be allowed to attend WCH or WAGC.)