2013 2013 Acro Cup and Training Camp
March 14-20, 2013 * Rising Star Acrobatic Club * Kearney, Mo.

The 2013 Acro Cup will be held March 14-20, at Rising Star Acrobatic Club in Kearney, MO.

The 2013 Acro Cup will serve as a selection for the 2013 Senior, Age Group Teams 11-16, 12-18, 13-19, and the International Club Team. Pair/groups wishing to be considered for international assignments must compete at the 2013 Acro Cup. Competition will take place for senior elite, junior elite, and age groups. ONLY those pair/groups who meet FIG age requirements are eligible for international assignments as part of TEAM USA. ICT athletes (out of age) must meet expanded ages and will only be approved to attend international competitions designated as club competitions.

Restrictions: Acro Cup 2013 is not open to pair/groups Levels 8, 9 or 10. For any fall international competitions placed on the competitive calendar, selections will be made at the 2013 National Championships.

Please note: The training camp will be divided into two groups and train separately. The National Team Athletes will be placed in one group (Gold Team); all other athletes will train in the second group (Silver Team). In order for the camp to run smoothly and for the athletes and coaches to receive the best training experience, each group of athletes should have a personal coach present.

Registration for the 2013 Acro Cup and Training Camp will be available online beginning January 7 with an entry deadline of January 25.

  • Arrival date of Thursday, March 14 is optional. Open training and skills testing will be offered on March 14 and 15, with competition beginning on March 16.

Entry Deadline Online entries and Registration Payment Form must be completed and payment must be postmarked by the registration deadline of: January 25, 2013.
Scratches / Refund Requests The refund deadline is Monday, February 11, 2013. (Refund/Scratch Request must be in-hand at the National Office by February 11, 2013).

Complete the Refund/Scratch Request Form.

Refunds will be processed 2 weeks after the event.

Schedule Master Schedule (Draft)

Meals and lodging will be included with registration.

Ground transportation to and from Kansas City International Airport (MCI) will be available for $25 per person.

**The competition venue and additional training venue are approximately 6 miles apart. Transportation fee includes shuttle to and from training venue to hotel and competition venue.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All athletes must have valid passports turned in by the registration deadline that extend six months beyond the travel dates to be considered for any international assignments.
Selection Procedures:
FIG Licenses For all athletes to be considered for FIG World Cup Competitions who do not have a current FIG License, please complete the attached FIG License Application, and return via email to Mary Obaka, mobaka@usagym.org by the registration deadline date of January 25, along with a color scanned copy of their passport and a headshot. Be certain that the forms are complete with the signature of athlete and parent or guardian if a minor. If you are unsure of whether an athlete has a current license, please contact Mary Obaka and she will verify.
International Competition Deposits: National Team athletes being considered for international competitions must submit payment information for a $1,000.00 deposit for flights/meals/accommodations. International Competition Deposit Form.

Athletes being considered for International Club Team competition will be sent deposit information prior to Acro Cup.

Tariff Sheets Acro Cup Tariff Sheet Submission Deadline: February 28, 2013
Website: http://www.acrousa.com

The deadline to turn in revised tariff sheets is March 7, 2013. ONLY THE REVISED TARIFF SHEET CHANGE FORM IS TO BE SUBMITTED! Include the pair/group's entry number on all revised tariff sheets. Tariff Sheet and Revised Tariff Sheet Deadlines will be strictly enforced by the Meet Referee per the Acrobatic Gymnastics Specifications.

Tariff sheets for skills testing must be sent directly to Selena Peco, fliptastics@cox.net, by March 4, 2013.

Music Policy All clubs must bring 1 CD with ALL of their athlete's music to the event. The CD must be turned in at accreditation. The CD should have each routine for each pair/group competing at Acro Cup. In addition to the CD, the coach should label in what order the routines are on the CD by each pair/group's ID number and routine (i.e. Level 10 WG #165 Balance). The order of routines will allow us to properly label each routine and quickly play the music when the athlete takes the competition floor.
Parent Hotel Information A room block has been reserved for Parents attending Acro Cup. This room block will close as of February 1.

Quality Inn and Suites
601 Centerville Avenue
Kearney, MO 64060

Price: $69.99 per night, includes Breakfast and free WiFi