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2011 Acro Cup and Training Camp
February 10-16, 2011 * National Team Training Center (Karolyi's), Huntsville, Texas


The 2011 Acro Cup will feature competition in the following levels:

    Senior Elite
    Junior Elite
    11-16 Age Group
    Level 10
    Level 9
    Level 8
Senior, Junior & 11-16 Competition
the 2011 Acro Cup will serve as a selection for Spring 2011 international assignments for TEAM USA as well as approval for international club competitions. Pair/groups wishing to be considered for international assignments must compete at the 2011 Acro Cup. This includes 2010-2011 National Team pair/groups in the same partnerships, national team members in new partnerships, and non-team members. Competition will take place for senior elite, junior elite, and 11-16 age group and only those pair/groups meeting the age requirements are eligible for international assignments as part of TEAM USA. If an athlete or pair/group is selected for international competition from the 2011 Acro Cup and are not already a member of the 2010-2011 National Team, they will be added to the team at that time.

Pair/groups competing at the Acro Cup in these levels (senior, junior, 11-16) should plan to stay for the scheduled training camp following competition. Please see the schedule for training days.

Level 8-10 Competition
The Acro Cup will feature a national invitational meet for Levels 8-10. The Acro Cup will provide an opportunity for these pair/groups to have high-level competition experience early in the season. The Acro Cup will count as a local meet for all pair/groups participating. These athletes are not being considered for National Team and/or international assignments and will not stay for the training camp following competition.


Skills testing will be offered on Thursday, February 10 and Friday, February 11. Please indicate on the registration form if you have athletes who wish to test. If you have a preference on your skills testing date, please mark on the payment information portion of the registration form where indicated. Note: Every attempt will be made to accommodate your skills testing date preference; however, adjustments may have to be made once all registrations are submitted and the schedule finalized.


Registration for the 2011 Acro Cup and Training Camp should be completed as follows. The Registration Deadline is January 18, 2011. All registrations must be completed (online and mailed/faxed) payments must be postmarked by this date.

Step #1: ONLINE EVENT REGISTRATION complete the online event registration for the pair/groups attending the competition and camp. Print a copy of the completed online registration. (Please note: Online registration will be available beginning January 4, 2011). Step #2 can be completed first, but remember to return to the website to complete the online registration. If you are completing Step #1 after you have already mailed in the paper form and fees, simply email Elizabeth so she can print your online registration confirmation and attach it with the rest of your entry materials.)

Step #2: Mail or fax a copy of the 1) the completed online registration, 2) the

, and 3) payment (credit card or check) to the National Office (attn: Elizabeth Millard/Acro Program).

** Entry Deadline is January 18, 2011 **

Athlete & Coach Fees

Sr & Jr National Team Athletes (in the same partnership) Sr & Jr Elite Athletes (includes NT members in new partnerships) 11-16 Athletes Level 8-10 Athletes Sr, Jr, 11-16 Coaches
Competition Entry***
Camp Fee
$100 (3 days)
$40 (1 day)
($65/night x 3 competition days)
($65/night x 6 competition & camp days)
($65/night x 4 competition & camp days)
4 nights - $320
6 nights - $450

*Note: If athlete/coach arrives Friday, Feb 11 instead of Thurs, Feb 10, reduce total fees by $65.

**Coaches and athletes are responsible for booking their own flights. Times should be coordinated with the transportation times listed in order to utilize the USA Gymnastics transportation to the ranch.

Please note: Ground transportation is available for Sr., Jr. and 11-16 athletes and coaches only. Level 8-10 athletes and coaches will be responsible for their own ground transportation.

***Acro Cup competition fees include an event t-shirt.

Scratches / Refund Requests
The refund deadline is Friday, January 28, 2011 (Refund/Scratch Request Form must be in hand on this date). Family emergencies, illness, or injury are the only acceptable circumstances under which a refund will be given. No refunds will be given after the deadline for any reason.


Athletes and coaches registered for Senior, Junior, 11-16 competition will stay at the Karolyi's ranch for the duration of the competition and camp. Please use the registration form to book accommodations.

Judges will stay at the ranch.

Hotel information for Level 8 10 athletes, coaches and ALL parents:
*Area hotels approximately 20 minutes from Karolyi's
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - 936-788-5200
Days Inn - 936-756-7771
La Quinta Inn & Suites - 936-228-0790
Baymont Inn & Suites - 936-539-5100


Click here for the full schedule

*All 11-16, Junior, and Senior competitors can choose to arrive on Thursday or Friday. 11-16's will depart on Monday and Juniors & Senior will depart on Wednesday. In order to use the transportation provided by USA Gymnastics, flight time must meet the following requirements:

    • Thursday, Feb. 10 by 2:30pm (shuttle leaves IAH at 3:00pm)
    • Friday, Feb. 11 by noon (shuttle leaves IAH at 12:30pm)
    • Monday, Feb. 14 at 3:30pm or after (shuttle leaves the ranch at noon)
    • Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 3:30pm or after (shuttle leaves the ranch at noon)


The 2010-2011 National Team Selection procedures will be in effect for the Acro Cup. All 11-16, Junior, and Senior pair/groups (who are not current National Team members) should complete the selection procedures and return them to the National Office with their competition entry.


Tariff sheets for the Acro Cup competition and skills testing must be submitted via the OTSM website by the following deadlines:

Tariff Sheet Submission Deadline: Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Revised Tariff Sheet Deadline: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 (Remember: only the revised tariff sheet change form is to be submitted)

OTSM Website:

Tariff Sheet and Revised Tariff Sheet Deadlines will be strictly enforced by the Meet Referee per the Acrobatic Gymnastics Specifications.


Music will be accept either as 1 CD from the club with ALL of their athlete's music or as individual CDs for each pair/group or routine. The CDs must be turned in at accreditation. The CDs should be labeled with the contents including the club name, order of music, athletes' name and pair/group number, exercise, etc. (i.e. USA Gymnastics Molly & Shannon-Level 10 WP #165 Balance).


Competitors will compete head to head within each competition category (i.e. Senior, Junior, 11-16, Level 10, Level 9, Level 8). Pair/groups will not be divided into age categories. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each competition category. Award presentations are noted on the schedule.

The 2010 National Teams will be presented following the last competition session on Sunday, February 13th. This includes pair/groups named to the team from the 2010 National Championships and the 2011 Acro Cup.

International assignments (Team USA and Club) will be announced to the coaches at a designated time on Sunday, February 13th.


Spectators are welcome for the Acro Cup competition. There is a designated spectator seating area in the gym. Admission is $10 for adults / $5 for children over 2 years of age. Admission is good for both days of competition.

No spectators are allowed for the training camp. All parents, siblings, etc. must stay in area hotels.