Athlete Assistance Fund
The Athlete Assistance Fund, established by the National Gymnastics Foundation, is now accepting applications from gymnasts who have experienced sexual abuse in the sport of gymnastics for access to counseling services. PHP Management Systems is administering the Fund, managing enrollment requests, and connecting athletes to service providers.

Requesting access to counseling services through the fund
Eligible individuals may request access to counseling services through the Athlete Assistance Fund by visiting At this time, any current or former gymnast who was a member of USA Gymnastics and suffered sexual abuse within the sport of gymnastics is eligible for assistance through the Fund. PHP, as the independent administrator, will handle all requests for counseling assistance in a strictly confidential manner.

Supporting the Athlete Assistance Fund
Individuals interested in supporting the Athlete Assistance Fund may make contributions online or by downloading the form and sending contributions designated to the Athletes Assistance Fund to the National Gymnastics Foundation, c/o USA Gymnastics, 130 E. Washington Street, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204.