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TOKYO, Nov. 30, 2019 – Ruben Padilla of Oakley, Calif./Wasatch Trampoline & Tumbling, and Alex Renkert of Columbus, Ohio/Integrity Athletics, won the silver and bronze men’s double-mini medals, respectively, at the 2019 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships at the Ariake Gymnastics Center, the 2020 Olympic Games venue, in Tokyo, Japan. Competition wraps up on Dec. 1 with the men’s tumbling, women’s double-mini, and men’s and women’s trampoline finals at 2 p.m. local time, followed by the team all-around final at 5 p.m. Tokyo time.

U.S. fans can watch taped coverage of the Nov. 30 finals on the Olympic Channel, with a simulcast on olympicchannel.com, nbcsports.com and the NBC Sports app, at 8 p.m. ET. Due to the 14-hour time difference, U.S. fans can see the last day of finals live at 11:30 p.m. ET today (Nov. 30) via a live webstream on olympicchannel.com and the Olympic Channel app. Taped coverage of the Dec. 1 finals will air at 2:30 p.m. ET on Dec. 1 on the Olympic Channel, with a simulcast on olympicchannel.com, nbcsports.com and the NBC Sports app.

The U.S. gymnasts competing in the finals on Dec. 1 are Kaden Brown of Herriman, Utah/Wasatch Trampoline & Tumbling, in men’s tumbling and Tristan Van Natta of Hilliard, Ohio/Integrity Athletics, in women’s double-mini. Team USA is also competing in the team all-around, with Aliaksei Shostak and Nicole Ahsinger for trampoline, Kaden Brown and Eve Doudican for tumbling, Ruben Padilla and Tristan Van Natta for double mini trampoline, and Aliaksei Shostak / Jeffrey Gluckstein and Kayttie Nakamura / Ellen Heinen for synchroinized trampoline.

In the men’s double-mini final, Padilla posted a 76.100 (37.200; 38.900) to claim the silver medal, with teammate Renkert not far behind at 74.100 (37.200; 36.900) for the bronze. Padilla and Renkert tied for third after the first pass, and for the second pass, Padilla posted the second highest mark, with Renkert’s coming in at fourth. Russia’s Mikhail Zalomin won the title at 77.100.

In the trampoline semifinals, Aliaksei Shostak of Youngsville, La./Trampoline and Tumbling Express, scored a 59.025 for 10th and just missed advancing to the men’s final. He is the first reserve for the finals based on a max of two per country in the final. This finish placed the U.S. one place short of a qualification berth to the 2020 Olympic Games. China’s Gao Lei posted the highest men’s mark at 61.460. For the women, Nicole Ahsinger of Lafayette, La./Trampoline and Tumbling Express, placed 21st at 27.585. China’s Huang Yanfei earned the top semifinal mark at 56.820.

Eve Doudican of Bixby, Okla./Oklahoma Extreme Tumbling, finished fifth in the women’s tumbling final with a 65.800. In a tight medal race, Viktoria Danilenko of Russia took the gold at 69.900, followed by Great Britain’s Shanice Davidson on her heels at 69.600 for second. Britain’s Megan Kealy was third at 69.000.

In synchronized trampoline, Jeffrey Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J./Elite Trampoline Academy, and Shostak notched a 48.790 for fifth. In a close race, Japan’s Katsufumi Tasaki and Ginga Munetomo edged out Belarus’ Aleh Rabtsau and Uldazislau Hancharou for the gold, 52.920 to 52.400. Russia’s Mikhail Melnik and Sergei Azarian rounded out the top three at 52.060. Ellen Heinen of Lafayette, La./Trampoline and Tumbling Express, and Kayttie Nakamura of Honolulu, Hawaii/Merino Trampoline Gymnastics Academy, claimed a 45.690 for sixth. Japan’s Yumi Takagi and Ayano Kishi won the title at 49.590. Russia’s Susana Kochesok and Anna Kornetskaya slipped by Canada’s Samantha Smith and Rachel Tam, 48.570 to 48.420, for second.

The U.S. Team’s scores and rankings in the Nov. 29 trampoline semifinals (without adjustments for maximum athlete requirement) and the finals for men’s tumbling and men’s and women’s synchronized trampoline are listed below.

Trampoline semifinals

  • Men: 1. Gao Lei, China, 61.460; 2. Ivan Litvinovich, Belarus, 60.300; 3. Andrey Yudin, Russia, 60.295; U.S. finish – 10. Aliaksei Shostak, 59.025.
  • Women: 1. Ahuang Yanfei, China, 56.820; 2. Hikaru Mori, Japan, 56.290; 3. Laura Gallagher, Great Britain, 55.340; U.S. finish – 21. Nicole Ahsinger, 27.585.


    Men’s double mini-trampoline

    • 1. Mikhail Zalomin, Russia, 77.100 (37.500; 39.600); 2. Ruben Padilla, 76.100 (37.200; 38.900); 3. Alex Renkert, 74.100 (37.200; 36.900).

    Women’s tumbling

    • 1. Viktoria Danilenko, Russia, 69.900 (35.300; 34.600); 2. Shanice Davidson Great Britain, 69.600 (34.800; 34.800); 3. Megan Kealy, Great Britain, 69.000 (35.000; 34.000); U.S. finish – 5. Eve Doudican, 65.800 (32.300; 33.500).

    Synchronized trampoline

    • Men: Katsufumi Tasaki and Ginga Munetomo, Japan, 52.920; 2. Aleh Rabtsau and Uldazislau Hancharou, Belarus, 52.400; 3. Mikhail Melnik and Sergei Azarian, Russia, 52.060; U.S. finish – Jeffrey Gluckstein and Aliaksei Shostak, 48.790.
    • Women: 1. Yumi Takagi and Ayano Kishi, Japan, 49.590; 2. Susana Kochesok and Anna Kornetskaya, Russia, 48.570; 3. Samantha Smith and Rachel Tam, Canada, 48.420; U.S. finish – 6. Ellen Heinen and Kayttie Nakamura, 45.690.

Earlier in the championships, the United States won the women’s gold and men’s silver double mini-trampoline team medals, along with the men’s tumbling team bronze. Additionally, the USA qualified in men’s and women’s double mini-trampoline and tumbling for the 2021 World Games, scheduled for July 15-25 in Birmingham, Ala.

The top eight male and female gymnasts in the qualification rankings for double-mini, tumbling and synchronized trampoline advanced to the finals. For trampoline, the top 24 men and women qualified to the semifinals, with the top eight men and women in the semis advancing to the finals. Based on performances in the qualification rounds, five countries compete in the team all-around final. The competition features one man and one woman in trampoline, double-mini and tumbling, along with one men’s and one women’s synchro pair, for each country.

This year’s World Championships is part of the qualification process for the 2020 Olympic Games. Each country that has at least one athlete in the trampoline final will earn a berth to Tokyo. This means that up to eight spots for both the men and women are available, with a maximum of one gymnast per country. Additionally, World champions are determined in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, tumbling and double mini-trampoline.

The final day of competition has finals in women’s double-mini, men’s tumbling and men’s and women’s trampoline at 2 p.m., with the all-around team final at 5 p.m. local time. Times listed are local to Tokyo, which is 14 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time.

U.S. fans can follow the action several ways – live scoring, websites, social platforms, and live and tape-delayed webcasts and cablecasts of the finals.

  • Live scoring: Follow the scores in real time during qualifications and finals here.
  • Websites: usagym.org will have coverage of Team USA. The FIG’s event page is the go-to web portal for the latest news, live scoring, official results, medal standings and a complete competition program. More information is available on the official championships site.
  • Social media: Using the hashtag #GTR2019Tokyo, the FIG’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will have livestream alerts, stories, clips and photos and extras from on and off the competition floor.
  • Web and cable coverage: NBC Sports and the Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA will have coverage of the World Trampoline & Tumbling Championships. Fans can catch all the action via NBCSports.com/Live or through the NBC Sports app which is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Roku Channel Store, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.
    • Saturday, Nov. 30 – 8:00 p.m. ET – tape-delayed – Finals Day 2 – Olympic Channel and NBCSports.com
    • Saturday, Nov. 30 – 11:30 p.m. ET – LIVE – Finals Day 3 – OlympicChannel.com
    • Sunday, Dec. 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET – tape-delayed – Finals Day 3 – Olympic Channel and NBCSports.com
  • The FIG will upload highlight clips to its YouTube channel each day, while qualification routines from each athlete will be made available after the competition.

The World Age Group Competitions will be held following the World Championships, Dec. 5-8. The competition will determine champions in trampoline, double mini-trampoline and tumbling for boys and girls in four age-groups. The USA is competing in three of the four age-group categories: 13-14, 15-16 and 17-21.