The USA Gymnastics acro program has re-structured the support for our elite athletes and coaches. We have expanded the duties that were formerly the responsibility of the National Team Coordinator, and will now have an Acro National Coaching Staff that will serve as resources for our national team program.

We are very pleased to confirm that Yevgeny Marchenko, Arthur Davis and Ivaylo Katsov will serve as the members of our USA Acro National Coaching staff. We look forward to providing our national team with such valuable resources as these three individuals.

USA Gymnastics also recognizes that some of our best coaches in this country are currently coaching our top athletes so we have identified another tier of experts who will serve as Acro National Clinicians. These individuals will be asked to assist at Regional and/or National clinics and camps based on their availability.

The National Clinicians include:

    Marie Annonson
    Gawain Dupree
    Daniil Kostovetskiy
    Rumen Lachkov
    Michael Rodrigues
    Vladi Vladev
    Yuri Vorobiev

USA Gymnastics looks forward to working with all 10 of these outstanding leaders in the sport of acro gymnastics.