INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 9, 2010 – The road to the 2010 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships continues on Saturday, April 10 for 36 teams at six Regional Championship sites. The top two teams from each Regional – held at UCLA, Los Angeles; University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah; University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.; University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.; Penn State University, University Park, Pa.; and West Virginia University, Morgantown, W. Va. – will automatically advance to the NCAA National Championships in Gainesville, Fla., April 22-24, at the University of Florida.

Six teams as well as five all-around competitors and one individual event specialist per event (who are not on a qualifying team) will compete at each regional site.

The top-18 teams were seeded on a national basis, based on RQS. Teams 19-36 were assigned to a Regional site based on geographic proximity. All-around competitors and event specialists were assigned within their respective regions. The qualifying teams and individuals are listed below.

Competition at each Regional begins at 6 p.m. local time on Saturday, April 10. Tickets are available through the Regional’s host school box office. The Regionals at Utah, UCLA, West Virginia, and Missouri will be streamed live at http://www.ncaa.com/sports/w-gym/champpage/w-gym-divnatcol-index.html.

For more information and results, log onto www.ncaa.com/sports/w-gym/spec-rel/032910aaa.html.

Los Angeles Regional (University of California, Los Angeles)
1. University of California-Los Angeles
2. University of Arkansas
3. Iowa State University
4. University of Arizona
5. Brigham Young University
6. Arizona State University

All-Around Competitors
1. Alaina Baker, Cal State Fullerton
2. Lily Swan, San Jose State
3. Tanya Ho, UC Davis
4. Eryn Stubblefield, Sacramento State
5. Katie Yamamura, UC Davis
Alt. – Kendall McAnn, UC Davis

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Shakea Sanders, Alaska Anchorage
Alt. – Nicole Meiller, Sacramento State
Uneven Bars – Lida Gehlen, UC Davis
Alt. – Britni Echeverria, Cal State Fullerton
Balance Beam – Cayla Boyce, Sacramento State
Alt. – Marcy Miller, UC Davis
Floor Exercise – Gabrielle Targosz, San Jose State
Alt. – Tiffany Louie, San Jose State

Salt Lake City Regional (University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah)
1. University of Florida
2. University of Utah
3. Auburn University
4. Boise State University
5. University of Denver
6. University of Washington

All-Around Competitors
1. Heather Heinrich, Utah State
2. Jenna Dudley, Air Force
3. Lyndsie Boone, Utah State
4. Brittany Dutton, Air Force
5. Meghan Hargens, Wisconsin-Stout
Alt. – Amanda Watamaniuk, Utah State

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Gabi Hooper, Wisconsin-La Crosse
Alt. – Jackie Dillon, Utah State
Uneven Bars – Jackie Dillon, Utah State
Alt. – Amanda Watamaniuk, Utah State
Balance Beam – Lisa Wong, Air Force
Alt. – Naomi DeLara, Wisconsin-Stout
Floor Exercise – Michelle Denise, Air Force
Alt. – Amelia Montoya, Utah State

Columbia Regional (University of Missouri, Columbia)
1. University of Georgia
2. Oregon State University
3. University of Missouri
4. University of Minnesota
5. University of Iowa
6. University of North Carolina

All-Around Competitors
1. Rashonda Cannie, Texas Woman’s University
2. Erica Schick, Illinois State
3. Jordan Salsberg, Southeast Missouri State
4. Rachel Montoya, Illinois-Chicago
5. Rikara Turner, Southeast Missouri State
Alt. – Andrea Skala, Illinois-Chicago

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Chantel Turk, Illinois-Chicago
Alt. – Brianna Gaddie, Southeast Missouri State
Uneven Bars – Ashley Guerra, Northern Illinois
Alt. – Christina Sundgren, Southeast Missouri State
Balance Beam – Hannah Deutsch, Illinois State
Alt. – Melissa Mann, Illinois State
Floor Exercise – Brianna Gaddie, Southeast Missouri State
Alt. – Kristin Edwards, Texas Woman’s University

Lexington Regional –(University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.)
1. University of Alabama
2. University of Nebraska
3. University of Illinois
4. University of Kentucky
5. Central Michigan University
6. Michigan State University

All-Around Competitors
1. Kristine Garbarino, Western Michigan
2. Kaylyn Millick, Eastern Michigan
3. Brittney Emmons, Ball State
4. Breanne Guy, Bowling Green
5. Kasey Fillmore, Bowling Green
Alt. – Erin Grigg, Eastern Michigan

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Danielle Wishart, Bowling Green
Alt. – Erin Grigg, Eastern Michigan
Uneven Bars – Bibiana Rodriguez-Lockwood, Ball State
Alt. – Katelyn Busacker, Ball State
Balance Beam – Nikole Viltz, Eastern Michigan
Alt. – Caroline O’Brien, Western Michigan
Floor Exercise – Tiffany Brodbeck, Ball State
Alt. – Danielle Wishart, Bowling Green

University Park Regional – (Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa.)
1. University of Oklahoma
2. Louisiana State University
3. Pennsylvania State University
4. University of Maryland
5. Ohio State University
6. University of New Hampshire

All-Around Competitors
1. Alicia Talucci, Pittsburgh
2. Bridgette Kivisto, Yale
3. Lorraine Galow, Bridgeport
4. Megan Biros, Pittsburgh
5. Miranda Der, Bridgeport
Alt. – Jenna Zito, Rutgers

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Dani Bryan, Pittsburgh
Alt. – Monica Mesalles, Bridgeport
Uneven Bars – Jennifer Liberato, Pittsburgh
Alt. – Carissa Huggins, Bridgeport
Balance Beam – Emily Repko, Bridgeport
Alt. – Melanie Standridge, Cornell
Floor Exercise – Lauren Gildemeyer, Brockport
Alt. – Monica Mesalles, Bridgeport

Morgantown Regional – (West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Va.)
1. Stanford University
2. University of Michigan
3. Southern Utah University
4. North Carolina State University
5. Kent State University
6. West Virginia University

All-Around Competitors
1. Leslie Delima, George Washington
2. Alise McDonald, Towson
3. Megan Quinn, George Washington
4. Kayla Carto, George Washington
5. Teenie Beck, William and Mary
Alt. – Megan Wooden, Towson

Individual Event Specialists
Vault – Avis Hixon, Towson
Alt. – Kacy Catanzaro, Towson
Uneven Bars – Jackie Schweitzer, Towson
Alt. – Jennifer Stack, William and Mary
Balance Beam – Jackie Schweitzer, Towson
Alt. – Kacy Catanzaro, Towson
Floor Exercise – Avis Hixon, Towson
Alt. – Dina McNaughton, William and Mary