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2008 Olympic all-around gold-medalist Nastia Liukin and her partner Derek Hough advanced to the seventh round of the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Liukin and Hough performed a tango on Monday, April 20, receving a score of 34 from the judges. They were announced safe on the April 27 show. Nastia danced a modern charleston on Monday, April 27 with her temporary partner Sasha Farber, due to an injury to Hough, and received a score of 38. They had the highest score of the night and received immunity from being voted off. See the ways above that fans can vote during and after the performance.

The remaining celebrities competing this season are Noah Galloway, Robert Herjavec, Liukin, Riker Lynch, Chris Soules and Rumer Willis. Redfoo, Charlotte McKinney, Michael Sam, Suzanne Somers, Patti LaBelle and Willow Shields have been eliminated.

The "Dancing with the Stars" live shows are on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Your votes will be combined with the judges scores, and the following week, the pair with the lowest combination of votes and scores will be eliminated.