MEXICO CITY (October 10, 2022) – One month after his FIG World Cup debut, American George Munro (Mexico City, Mexico) was back on the international stage October 7-8 for the Pan American Parkour Open in Mexico City. Facing competitors from Central, North and South America, Munro advanced to the men’s freestyle final where he finished 12th.

Munro followed up an 18.000 during freestyle qualifications Sunday at Parque Para Deportes Extremos with a finals score of 16.500. He was 12th after both rounds. On Saturday, Munro posted a time of 29.175 seconds in men’s speed parkour qualifications, landing 16th.

Parkour is the competitive practice of traversing an area from one point to another. Freestyle parkour showcases athletes’ creativity and talent as they navigate the provided course, while speed parkour rewards competitors for how quickly they complete the course.