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The University of Michigan not only dominated men’s gymnastics in the gym by winning the 2010 NCAA Championship but also dominated in the classroom by winning the national academic team title with a team grade point average of 3.388. In the closest academic finish ever recorded in men’s gymnastics, Temple University placed second with a 3.384 combined team average, a mere .004 from the title. Penn State, Stanford, and Springfield finished third, fourth and fifth respectively. William and Mary, Illinois-Chicago, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Army rounded out the top ten. The final team rankings are:

  1. Michigan—3.388
  2. Temple—3.384
  3. Penn State—3.309
  4. Stanford—3.261
  5. Springfield—3.225
  6. William and Mary—3.198
  7. Illinois-Chicago—3.099
  8. Nebraska—3.083
  9. Minnesota—3.063
  10. Army—2.990
  11. Illinois-Champaign
  12. Ohio State
  13. Navy
  14. Air Force
  15. Oklahoma

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 70 individual gymnasts as 2010 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 51 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499. Ten gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes for all four years of their eligibility by the College Gymnastics Association: Phillip Goldberg, Richard Caldwell, and Torrance Laury from Michigan; Noam Shaham, Allen Harris, and Matt Greenfield from Penn State; Thomas O’Brien and Aaron Fortunato from Minnesota; Chris Lynch from William and Mary; and Josh Rusler from Nebraska.

The 70 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

With 4.0 grade point averages: Phillip Goldberg and Benjamin Baldus-Strauss from Michigan and Miguel Pineda and Logan Wyman from Penn State.

3.90-3.99 grade point averages: Alexander McCabe, Springfield; Brett Statman, Temple; Alex Tighe, Temple; Devan Cote, Michigan; Torrance Laury, Michigan; Ian Makowske, Michigan; Nicholas Noone, Stanford; Joseph Carlson, Springfield; Chris Mooney, Temple; Chris Lynch, William and Mary; Ben Mayer, Oklahoma; Michael Bell, Ohio State; Stefan Wallof, Nebraska; Josh Fox, Springfield; and Nicholas Grant, Penn State.

3.80-3.89 grade point averages: David Tilley, Springfield; Thomas O’Brien, Minnesota; Andrew Crowley, Illinois-Chicago; Chad Wiest, Illinois-Champaign; Abhinav Ramani, Stanford; Vietvuong Vo, William and Mary; Matt Holmes, William and Mary; Tyler Robertson, Springfield; Scott Rosenthal, Penn State; Aaron Fortunato, Minnesota; Lucas Hughes, Stanford; Kyle Bartgis, Springfield; Richard Caldwell, Michigan; David Mohr, Illinois-Chicago; and Blake Collins, Temple.

3.70-3.79 grade point averages: Tony Maras, Nebraska; Phillip Harris, Penn State; Noam Shaham, Penn State; James Pezzino, Springfield; Andrew Stover, Illinois-Chicago; Tyler Croteau, Temple; Robert Stannard, Illinois-Champaign; Russell Dabritz, Minnesota; Assaf Zoor, Temple; Joseph Levine, Michigan; Timothy Monaco, Springfield; and Cory Baumgarten, Nebraska.

3.60-3.69 grade point averages: Garrek Hojan-Clark, Army; Matt Chelberg, Penn State; Taylor Brana, Temple; Matthew Forrest, Nebraska; Todd Becker, Iowa; D. J. Repp, Minnesota; Gabriel Alvarado, Stanford; Gregory Foarnley, Army; Chase Brown, Army; and Ian Crider, Springfield.

3.50-3.59 grade point average: Kyle Shanahan, Nebraska; Kip Webber, Army; Matthew Martin, Temple; Thomas Wilkinson, Air Force; Jordan Nolff, Stanford; Eric Hergenrader, Stanford; Adam Reichow, Minnesota; Cameron Foreman, Stanford; Matt Greenfield, Penn State; Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, Temple; Michael Paulus, Minnesota; Keith Stumpf, Springfield; Allen Harris, Penn State; and Josh Rusler, Nebraska.

The 51 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

3.40-3.49 grade point averages: Justin Myers, Ohio State; Travis Heaver, Minnesota; Derek Gygax, William and Mary; Brandon Tinkham, Navy; Steve Deutsch, William and Mary; Josh Dilworth, Nebraska; Adam Hamers, Michigan; Jonathan Hoey, Army; Nikolai Korepanov, Illinois-Chicago; Paul Ruggeri, Illinois-Champaign; Mackensie Dow, Penn State; Kyle Sneeden, William and Mary; Andrew Vance, Michigan; and Kelvin Soares, Springfield.

3.30-3.39 grade point averages: Ryan McCarthy, Michigan; Evan Burke, Temple; Daniel Ribeiro, Illinois-Champaign; Quazi Syque Caesar, Michigan; Andreas Hofer, Nebraska; Timothy Gentry, Stanford; Roger Moulton, Springfield; Gabriel Kadar, Illinois-Chicago; Scott Bloomfield, Temple; Mateusz Rybarski, Illinois-Chicago; Matthew Burns, William and Mary; Thuang Tong David-Jonathan Chan, Michigan; Brandon Wynn, Ohio State; Dave Ellis, William and Mary; Kris Yeager, William and Mary; Miles Raque, Penn State; Joshua Spenser, Springfield; James Fosco, Stanford; Timothy Krueger, Iowa; and Anthony Sacramento, Illinois-Champaign.

3.20-3.29 grade point averages: Steven Legendre, Oklahoma; Christopher Wolford, Air Force; Masayoshi Mori, Illinois-Champaign; Thomas Kelley, Michigan; Josh Fried, William and Mary; James Okamoto, Air Force; Aaron Ingram, Navy; Matt Albrecht, Penn State; Sean Regan, Ohio State; Evan Shepard, Temple; Tory Brown, Air Force; Nicholas Persino, Illinois-Chicago; Christopher Bizub, Temple; Kevin Miner, Springfield; Logan Fiery, Temple; Jeffrey White, Springfield; and Alexander Buscaglia, Stanford.