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INDIANAPOLIS, May 15, 2015 – Based on a scoring error discovered after the recent U.S. Men’s Junior Olympic National Championships and its award ceremonies had concluded, the USA Gymnastics Men’s Program has re-ranked the Level 9 final standings for the all-around and horizontal bar.

Since the error was brought to the event staff’s attention, a detailed review of the situation and results has been conducted by the event’s technical director, event judges and the men’s program staff. The extensive review determined that a judging assistant entered an incorrect score on the horizontal bar during the Junior Olympic Level 9 session on Friday, May 8.

“This is a very rare and unusual situation, and it is unfortunate the score verification process did not identify the error when the score was submitted,” said Dennis McIntyre, vice president of men’s program. “Scoring accuracy is critical to the event’s success and tremendous effort is undertaken to insure results accuracy.

“Now that a scoring error has been confirmed, we are compelled to correct the situation and recognize the affected athletes based on the corrected results,” said McIntyre.

The corrected rankings for the Junior Olympic Level 9 all-around and horizontal bar are listed below. Corrected and complete results are linked above.

The correct standings for the Junior Olympic Level 9 all-around and horizontal bar are: all-around – 1. William Gomez of Park Avenue Gymnastics, 2. Sam Roach of GymNation, T3. Chase Clingman of APEX and Erik Engelke of Above the Bar Gymnastics-Virginia, 5. Connor McCool of St. Louis Gym Centre, T6. Aidan Cuy of Aim High Academy and Crew Bold of American Twisters, 8. Evan VanAacken of Swiss Turners Gymnastics, 9. Powell Galt of Head Over Heels Gymnastics, 10. Aidan Giusti of Aim High Academy; and horizontal bar – 1. Evan VanAacken of Swiss Turners Gymnastics, 2. Vadim Galchenko of 5280 Gymnastics North, 3. Chase Clingman of APEX, 4. William Gomez of Park Avenue Gymnastics, 5. David Dortmund of Bartlett Academy of Gymnastics, T6. London Phu of Epic Gym Center, Evan Vaughan of 5280 Gymnastics North, and Jason Duckering of California Sports Center-GO.

“The 2015 Junior Olympic National Championships was an amazing event and the athletes should be extremely proud of their performance in Daytona Beach,” said McIntyre. “The results error was very unfortunate but should in no way detract from the outstanding accomplishments of all of these athletes.”