LAFAYETTE, Colo., November 22, 2021 – On Friday, Nov. 19, many of the top men’s gymnasts in the 10-12-year-old age range assembled for the 2021 Future Stars National Championships. The competition, which was held at Xtreme Altitude in Lafayette, Colo., was accompanied by a development clinic and coaches’ workshop. Athletes competed on all six traditional apparatus – floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar – in addition to the parallel bars strength, trampoline and flexibility categories.

The Men’s Artistic Junior Development Team was renamed based on performances during the competition. Twenty-six participating athletes will also be invited to a USA Gymnastics development camp in 2022. The annual event is in its twenty-sixth year.

Members of the Junior Development Team are listed below alphabetically by age division.

Parker Anderson, Mini-Hops
Rowan Besada, The Gravity Forge
Sean Broadwater, Central Coast
Noah Davison, Pride Gymnastics
Nolan Dill, St. Charles
Levi Habuda, Pride Gymnastics
Eli Lock, Interactive
Daniel Martin, Coach Patty’s
Josh McCarty, Gym USA
Maxton Perez, Pride Gymnastics
Nathan Piotrowski, Orlando Metro
Darian Samuel, Cahoys
Cal Sanchez, Dynamo
Gabe Soltz, Metropolitan
Charles Tayler, USA Gym World
Zachary Ton, Cal Sports Center

Severin Alcorn, Hocking Valley
Andres Aranda, Reflex
TJ Bell, LaFleur’s Tampa
Aleksandr Brovin, NIX
Dominick Camarena, Reflex
Elias Edwards, Cahoys
Jason Hao, All Pro
Isaiah Hassett, Bozhis Gym Nest
Todd Herland, Brestyan’s
Justin Macak, Lakeshore
Bo McCrea, Lakeshore
Nixon Miles, Gym Olympica
JJ Pacquing, Metropolitan
William Rebar, Coach Patty’s
Hunter Reingold, Gym Olympica
Blake Satory, Gymcats
Abe Stewart, USA Gym World
Luke Thomas, Gym Olympica

Giorgio Alarcon, Gym USA
Veeresh Bezawada, Indigo
Peyton Boerner, Gym World
Hayden Brown, SCATS
Cordell Carter, Armory
Christian Copeland, Hocking Valley
Ethan Ezra, Gym Olympica
Elijah Gutierrez, Infinity
Jakson Kurecki, EVO
Connor LaValle, Coach Patty’s
Jason McNeil, LaFleur’s Tampa
Braxton Pretorius-Parks, Cahoys
Declan Shapin, Lakeshore
Keegan Shemluck, Lakeshore