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INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 2, 2013 – Chellsie Memmel of West Allis, Wis./M&M Gymnastics, is well-known and loved by gymnastics fans for her many accomplishments in women’s gymnastics, including winning the 2005 World all-around title and earning the 2008 Olympic team silver medal.  Memmel hopes to put her acclaimed tumbling skills to work again, this time in tumbling, which is part of the trampoline and tumbling program.
Memmel, who is getting married later this month, is just beginning the process, which includes video evaluation and eventual verification to determine her level and readiness.  Memmel’s goal, as stated in her post on her Facebook page, is to eventually earn a spot on the national tumbling team and again represent the USA on the international stage.
“We are excited about Chellsie’s interest in tumbling,” said Susan Jacobson, the director of USA Gymnastics’ trampoline and tumbling program.  “Chellsie is known for her tumbling prowess in women’s gymnastics, and we can’t wait to see how those skills transfer to power tumbling.”