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Safety Champions

What Is A Safety Champion?

A Safety Champion is a person who champions a safe, club atmosphere and serves as a liaison between USA Gymnastics and the club on matters related to safety that include:

  • Upcoming educational initiatives
  • Policy clarification
  • Delivering safety messages to club staff, parents, and athletes

Safety Champions should be committed to health and safety, energetic and able to motivate and influence others. They always look for new methods to improve general safety and they recognize that there is always room for improvement.

Why Does My Club Need A Safety Champion?

A Safety Champion is a person who works with the club’s management to set a good example, and to encourage and inspire staff, parents, and athletes to make positive changes that help create and maintain a safe club atmosphere. The activities of a Safety Champion can have a very positive effect on the safety culture in the club. They can be the link between management and club staff and a key component of successful safety programs.

The Perks That Come With Having A Dependable Safety Champion For Your Club Include:

  • A positive and organic culture of safety
  • Encouraging your employees to independently improve their personal safety practices
  • Improved communication between the management, staff, parents and athletes about safe practices
  • A more proactive staff, with a far more nuanced level of safety awareness
  • A reduced number of accidents
  • Employees who are pushing for positive changes and higher safety standards

What Are The Requirements To Become A Safety Champion?

A Safety Champion must be, at the least, a volunteer member of the club, preferably a staff member who is not the club owner, who is passionate about club safety and takes an active role in providing a club culture of safety. The Safety Champion must be, at the least, a volunteer member, take U110: SafeSport Core and participate in a virtual Safety Champion training annually.

Safety Champions May:

  • Speak to club staff, parents, or athletes about safety, Safety & Response, or health and wellness initiatives;
  • Talk to other staff or parents about club policy;
  • Talk to athletes about safety, sportsmanship, and anti-bullying initiatives;
  • Invite guest speakers to talk with staff and parents

How Do I Become A Safety Champion?

Talk to your club owner and ask them to list you as the Safety Champion on their club membership with USA Gymnastics.

Will The Safety Champion Be Asked To Take Reports Or Conduct Safety & Response Investigations?

At no time will the Safety Champion be asked to conduct an investigation or become involved in a Safety & Response matter unless they are considered a witness. It is not advisable to take reports or change the reporting procedures of the club. All reports should continue to go directly to the club, USA Gymnastics, or the U.S. Center for SafeSport.