Like many businesses throughout the U.S., we know that member club owners are considering re-opening their doors soon and want to do so as safely as possible. To help with that, we have compiled some safety measures and tips to consider if and when the club re-opens.

However, we first want to clarify:

  • While we intend for this information to be helpful as clubs think about reopening, it is not intended to encourage clubs to open earlier than they otherwise should. First and foremost, club owners should follow the rules and regulations in their region, and consider the risk affecting their local area. This determination will be highly location- and fact-specific for every gym, and we urge owners to make the call with caution.
  • Safe Sport policies – including the one-on-one policy and parental access to training – continue to apply in full. These policies help keep children safe. Click here to view policy. Please contact the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Department for guidance on how to balance Safe Sport Policy and COVID-19 safety guidelines.
    – Safe Sport Department may be contacted via email at: [email protected] or call 833.844.7233

And, secondly, we want to remind clubs of a few additional aspects:

  • USA Gymnastics cannot offer legal advice or guidance specific to any particular location. Please refer to any federal, state, and local directives and guidance that apply to your business.
  • This is not an exhaustive list. There may be other steps a club can take to help prevent the spread of viruses in the gym, and we encourage club owners to talk to other business owners about best practices and new ideas.
  • Of course, even when taking all precautions, there will still be a risk of transmitting illnesses. Everyone must stay vigilant about the health of members and be ready for additional business interruptions.
  • The COVID-19 situation is rapidly changing. Because of that, these suggestions may quickly become outdated. Watch out for the latest from the CDC and other health authorities.

Click here for the full document (PDF)