The first Elite Squad development camp of 2016 took place at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, N.Y., immediately following the Rhythmic Challenge. Gymnasts performed their routines in a competition setting with judges and evaluations were provided to serve as the basis for the training camp days. Athletes and coaches worked with national and international staff on fine-tuning their compositions, focusing on the artistic components of unity/logical connections, music-movement/dynamic changes, and use of space, as well as on reviewing their Difficulty components, particularly in choice of body difficulties, dance steps combinations and Masteries or Apparatus Combinations. Ballet and strength and conditioning were central to the work, with new exercises introduced to the conditioning program.

Participating gymnasts:
1. Elizabeth Kapitonova (Isadora)
2. Shannon Xiao (Gymnastics World)
3. Rebecca Tang (Isadora)
4. Jodi Liang (Isadora)
5. Matilda Marzsylk (North Shore)
6. Jessica Huang (North Shore)
7. Evelina Galimova (Northwest)
8. Helena Pavlovic (California Rhythms)
9. Victoria Urso (M and N)
10. Daria Merkulova (Vitrychenko)
11. Annalise Dragan (Irene)
12. Isabelle Richards (Eurogym LV)
13. Isabella Pappas (NESA)
14. Naomi Scotnikov (Vitrychenko)
15. Elizabeth Birov (Grace)
16. Gabriella Fuki (Isadora)
17. Emily Wilson (Matchpoint)
18. Josephine Foss (Northwest)
19. Marina Cridge (Indiana)
20. Nicole Khoma (Vitrychenko)
21. Caroline Balcita (World Rhythmics)
22. Brittany Jin (Integrity)
23. Christina Jin (Integrity)
24. Shallie Rasin (Rhythmic Ribbon)
25. Haley Bonanti (Gymnastics World)
26. Sutji Narendra (San Diego)
27. Ciel Arzandlyan (Rhythmic Academy of LA)
28. Nicole Yatskar (MatchPoint NYC)
29. Nerea Francis (Miami)
30. Srinija Srinivasan (Libery)