Oklahoma’s Steven Legendre
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WEST POINT, N.Y., April 18, 2010 – The University of Oklahoma’s Steven Legendre, 2009 NCAA all-around champion, won his third consecutive floor exercise title at the 2010 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championships held at United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. The top eight finishers on each apparatus earned all-America honors. ESPN2 will broadcast tape-delayed coverage of the men’s national championships on April 23 at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Legendre defended his title on floor with a 16.100, edging Stanford University’s Eddie Penev by one tenth of a point (16.000). Chad Wiest of the University of Illinois finished in third place with 15.725. Oklahoma’s Jake Dalton finished in fourth (15.675), and Stanford’s Alex Buscaglia took fifth (15.600).

On pommel horse, Oklahoma’s Alex Naddour won his first event title with a 15.425. University of California-Berkeley’s Glen Ishino scored 15.150 to take second. Steven Spencer of Ohio State University finished in third with a 15.125. Luke Stannard of Illinois (14.575) and Corey English of Oklahoma (14.375) finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Brandon Wynn of Ohio State finished on top on still rings, scoring a 15.900. Only 25-hundredths of a point separated second place finisher Tyler Williamson of Illinois (15.150) and Tim Gentry of Stanford (15.125). 2010 NCAA all-around champion Chris Cameron of Michigan placed fourth (15.100) and Nicholas Noone of Stanford (15.050) rounded out the top five.

Stanford’s Penev won the vault title with (16.450). Dalton of Oklahoma finished second (16.100), just ahead of Stanford’s Josh Dixon (16.050). Gentry of Stanford took fourth (15.950) and Philip Onorato of Ohio State finished fifth (15.950).

The parallel bar title went to Stanford’s Ryan Lieberman (15.100), who beat Mel Anton Santander of Michigan by five-hundredths of a point (15.050). Oklahoma’s English finished in third (14.900). Nicholas Noone of Stanford and Thomas Kelley of Michigan scored 14.875 and 14.800, respectively, to finish fourth and fifth.

Ryan McCarthy of Michigan won the horizontal bar title with a 14.740, leading a 1-2-3 Wolverine sweep in the event. Michigan’s Ian Makowske (14.625) finished second and Mel Anton Santander (14.475) tied for third with Andrew Stover of the University of Illinois-Chicago (14.475). Fifth place went to and Stanford’s Buscaglia (14.425).

Earlier in the championships, the University of Michigan won the team title and Wolverine Chris Cameron earned the all-around crown.

2010 Men’s NCAA National Championships
Holleder Center
United States Military Academy
West Point, N.Y.
April 16, 2010

Individual Event finals and All-America Honorees

Floor exercise
1. Steven Legendre, University of Oklahoma, 16.100
2. Eddie Penev, Stanford Univeristy, 16.000
3. Chad Wiest, University of Illinois, 15.725
4. Jake Dalton, University of Oklahoma, 15.675
5. Alex Buscaglia, Stanford University, 15.600
6. Bryan del Castillo, University of California-Berkeley, 15.300
7. Kent Caldwell, University of Michigan, 15.275
8. Cole Storer, University of Minnesota, 15.225

Pommel horse
1. Alex Naddour, University of Oklahoma, 15.425
2. Glen Ishino, University of California-Berkeley, 15.150
3. Steven Spencer, Ohio State University, 15.125
4. Luke Stannard, University of Illinois, 14.575
5. Corey English, University of Oklahoma, 14.375
6. John Martin Stanford University, 14.075
7. Mike Jiang, University of Iowa, 14.000
8. Jeremy Adams, University of Oklahoma, 13.700

Still rings
1. Brandon Wyn, Ohio State University, 15.900
2. Tyler Williamson, University of Illinois, 15.150
3. Tim Gentry, Stanford University, 15.125
4. Chris Cameron, University of Michigan, 15.100
5. Nicholas Noone, Stanford University, 15.050
6. Anthony Ingrelli, University of Nebraska, 14.975
7. Phillip Goldberg, University of Michigan, 14.875
8. Anthony Sacramento, University of Illinois, 14.850

1. Eddie Penev, Stanford University, 16.450
2. Jake Dalton, University of Oklahoma, 16.100
3. Josh Dixon, Stanford University, 16.050
4. Tim Gentry, Stanford University, 15.950
5. Philip Onorato, Ohio State University, 15.950
6. Kent Caldwell, University of Michigan, 15.825
7. Christian Monteclaro, University of California-Berkeley, 15.825
8. Steven Legendre, University of Oklahoma, 15.675

Parallel bars
1. Ryan Lieberman, Stanford University, 15.100
2. Mel Anton Santander, University of Michigan, 15.050
3. Corey English, University of Oklahoma, 14.900
4. Nicholas Noone, Stanford University, 14.875
5. Thomas Kelley, University of Michigan, 14.800
6. Jim Kerry, University of California, 14.600
7T.Ryan McCarthy, University of Michigan, 14.500
7T. Chris Cameron, University of Michigan, 14.500

Horizontal bar
1. Ryan McCarthy, University of Michigan, 14.750
2. Ian Makowske, University of Michigan, 14.625
3. Mel Anton Santander, University of Michigan, 14.475
3. Andrew Stover, University of Illinois-Chicago, 14.475
5. Alex Buscaglia, Stanford University, 14.425
6. Noam Shaham, Pennsylvania State University, 14.400
7. Abhinav Ramani, Stanford University, 14.300
8. Josh Dixon, Stanford University, 13.625