Jaycie Phelps from Greenfield, Ind., but now training in Cincinnati, Ohio, won the 1996 American Classic Gymnastics Competition.

The event was held at the Mabee Center on the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Okla., February 9-10. The American Classic was the trials competition for the Individual Event World Championships to be held April 15-21 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Members of the team include: Dominique Dawes, Jaycie Phelps, Amy Chow and Dominique Moceanu.

The World Championships Team was selected by using optional scores only. Dawes won the optional only all-around competition followed by Phelps and Chow. Moceanu did not compete in the American Classic but was named to the team due to her silver medal finish at the 1995 World Championships.

The junior division was won by Vanessa Atler from Canyon Country, Calif. Atler was followed by Kinsey Rowe and Alexis Brion. Below are the rankings.

Women’s Senior National Team
(Compulsories weighted 60% of the total score, optionals weighted 40% of the total score)
# Name/Hometown/Club/Score
1. Jaycie Phelps/Greenfield, Ind./Cincinnati Gymnastics/77.880
2. Dominique Dawes/Silver Spring, Md./Hill’s Angels/77.740
3. Amy Chow/San Jose, Calif./West Valley Gymnastics/77.020
4. Kristy Powell/River Forest, Ill./Colorado Aerials/75.980
5. Jennie Thompson/Wichita Falls,Texas/Dynamo Gym./75.600
6. Andree Pickens/Houston, Texas/Cypress Academy/75.070
7. Theresa Kulikowski/Colorado Springs, Colo./Colorado Aerials/74.740
8. Alecia Ingram/Knoxville, Tenn./Dynamo Gymnastics/74.630
9. Mohini Bhardwaj/Cincinnati, Ohio/Brown’s Gymnastics/73.930
10. Kristin Maloney/Allentown, Pa./Parkettes/73.780

Women’s Junior National Team
(Juniors competed in optionals only)
# Name/Hometown/Club/Score
1. Vanessa Atler/Canyon Country, Calif./Gliders/38.600
2. Kinsey Rowe/N/A/Cypress/37.725
3. Alexis Brion/Virginia Beach, Va./Gymstrada/37.425
4. Jamie Dantzscher/Palmdale, Calif./Glider/37.350
5. Robin Phelps/Cincinnati, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics/37.050
5. Kristen Stucky/Milwaukee, Wis./Salto Gym./37.050
7. Carri Nagle/N/A/Parkettes/36.825
8. Leoandra Willis/N/A/Puget Sound/36.775